Grade 1 Floor Gymnastics Routines

The Grade 1 students were very excited today to perform their gymnastics sequence that they have been learning and practicing over the past 4 weeks.

Thanks to all the parents who could make it, we even had some time to teach them what we have been learning, here are some photos we captured.


img_0044 img_0056 img_0059 img_1305 img_1292 img_1287 img_0060 img_1308 img_1312 img_1321 img_1337 img_1351


Grade 3 – Feel Good Fitness

Grade 3 are now onto their last unit of the year – Feel Good Fitness. We are playing lots of fitness games, learning about the different components of fitness with a huge focus on how fitness makes us feel good.

Please remind your child to bring their water bottle to school and have it ready for PE lessons. This video below is of a game we played today – Code Breaker.

Grade 5 – Raft Challenge

Check out these video’s of the Grade 5 Raft Race Challenge. They were given 10 pieces of equipment per group (of their choice) and 20 minutes to build their raft before it was race time. Some were more successful than others, but it was a lot of fun for all!

Grade 2 Athletics…

The Central Idea for this Unit is:

We can improve our athletics performance by practicing and trying our best.

The Lines of Inquiry are:

To improve performance we need to push from our comfort zone to our stretch zone

Failure is an important part of success

Reflecting on technique and measuring performance can help guide our progress


All lessons for this unit will take place outside (weather permitting). Therefore it is important your child comes to all PE lessons with a hat, water bottle, correct PE shoes and clothing.



Start of Athletics Unit for Grade 1

Today Grade 1 starts their Athletics Unit.

The Central Idea for this unit is: Experimenting can help us find the best way to do something.

The Lines of Inquiry are:

Seeing others do a skill will help us understand that skill better.

Trial and error is a process to find the best way of doing something.

The learner profile we will concentrate on in this unit is Inquirer. The PYP attitude we will attitude we will focus on is Curiosity.

Throughout this unit we will be outside. Please remind your children to always bring a hat, water bottle, appropriate PE shoes and clothes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.