Discovery PE at UNIS

Welcome to the Discovery PE blog! This year Discovery classes are having PE lessons with a specialist teacher for the first time at UNIS Hanoi. Since the beginning of the year, we have been having two units running at the same tim, each for one lessons a week. They are:

Central Idea: We can explore and develop our body’s capacity for movement.

During this unit students are engaged in activities which are aimed at improving their overall muscular strength and coordination. The ECC gym is set up with climbing, jumping and crawling equipment. Students are given freedom to explore this environment at their own pace, while being encouraged to try new things and improve their performance.

Central Idea: Playing games can help us to improve our skills.

During this unit students are experimenting with different equipment, individually, in partners and in small and large groups. Students then apply these skills to games and activities which also involve concepts such as sharing, responsibility, and being principled.

Later in the year (May-June) we will also be having a aquatics and water safety unit over at the UNIS pool.

In the coming days you will be receiving an email giving you access to your child’s Google Drive Folder which features media of your child in action in PE lessons so far this year. Please check it regularly for updates and view it together with your child.


All the best!

Mr. Andy and Mr Quang




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