K2 Yoga unit finishing / K2’s Athletics Unit Begins!

K2’s fascinating yoga unit will end this week. During this time the students have mindfully explored what yoga is,  different yoga poses that target different parts of the body and had meaningful discussions about how important controlled breathing is to yoga. They have also independently created a balanced sequence of poses that is a whole body workout.

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We will start our Athletics Unit later this week. The central idea of this unit is, “Measuring and recording athletic performance can help to set targets to improve future performance.” The enduring understanding that we aim for the children to have through this unit will be that:

  • There are a number of ways to measure athletic performance
  • Motivation can be improved if we have a specific improvement target
  • Practicing good technique can improve performance

The PYP attitude we will focus on during this unit is Integrity and the learner profile we will focus on is Inquirers.

We encourage parents to talk to the children about what it means to be Inquirers and to have Integrity in their native language at home as it facilitates the understanding of these concepts.

As it is an outdoor activity students will be required to wear shoes. These shoes should be suitable for outdoor physical activity, that do not hinder students’ ability to run or jump. The toes and heel area should be covered. Crocs are not a suitable for outdoor physical activity so please ensure that your child wears appropriate shoes on their day of PE. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring your child’s safety and positive learning experience.

These type of shoes are considered ideal.


Please, no CROCS!!


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