End of K1 Adventure Challenge Unit

K1 students have had a fantastic time in their Adventure Challenge unit last 4 weeks learning about how working with others can be fun! They also started to explore the ideas about how active listening and positively contributing in a group can help to achieve a productive outcome. Enjoy the videos:




K1 Gymnastics unit starts from this week. The central idea of this unit is,“Different activities can be used to improve strength and skill.” The enduring understanding that we aim for the children to have through this unit will be that:

  • Improvement in performance requires doing things many times
  • It is better to do things well than quickly
  • Muscular strength is an important element of fitness

The PYP attitude we will focus on during this unit is Appreciation and Commitment and the learner profile we will focus on is Inquirers and Balanced.

We encourage parents to talk to the children about what it means to be appreciative and committed  and to be an inquirer and be balanced in their native language at home as it facilitates the understanding of these concepts.

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One thought on “End of K1 Adventure Challenge Unit

  1. Now I know why Nikki is making bridges all through our house!
    Fantastic to see all the kids getting exposure to all these great, adventurous, challenging skills. Thanks so much for sharing!

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