Week 37: May 27-June 1

Greetings 5A Community,

Please remind your child to bring their swimsuit tomorrow for the swim extravaganza!

As I write, 5A students are “stepping up” into the middle school, where they spent the day getting a glimpse of the transition that they will make next year. What a great topic for dinner conversation.

Speaking of transitions, this week students identified at least five factors that make up their current identity as gymnasts, singers, readers, etc. Challenged to think deeply, they researched their minds to determine the reasons for their talents and interests. This weekend, students are encouraged to gather materials to create an artifact to represent the transitions they have made and how these transitions have affected their identity.

Students brainstormed factors that shape their identity.


In literacy, students will write a final recount text on their experience in middle school. Look for it on their blogs next week. In math, students practiced estimating angles and learned how to use coordinates to find a point on a grid. Some students reviewed decimals while others analyzed data.

Students explored geometric principled by looking at sides and angles.

We also went to Hanoi International School to check out their PYP Exhibition. They did a great job presenting, and we asked thoughtful questions that showed how much we have grown as thinkers and communicators.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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