Week 36: May 21-25

Greetings 5A Community,

Continuing our investigations into transitions, this week Grade 5a students categorized the factors of our changing identity as either physical, social and/or emotional. Nurse Susan met with each gender to answer questions pertaining to physical changes, such as menstruation for girls and nocturnal emissions for boys. Students individually researched different social and emotional changes, such as peer pressure and stress. We also celebrated transitions as we joined in a parade for the graduating seniors.

During literacy, students learned to create and include metaphors and similes into their writing. They also discussed the transitions of Edward Tulane, a china doll in our current read-aloud novel who shares his changing emotions. What a great book, so far! In math, students continued their hands-on exploration of area and volume by making “nets.” Three students teamed up and found all the possible ways to make a net for a cube.

Pictured below are a few pictures of students working together to create banners for the G12 Graduation Walk. Enjoy!

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