Week 34: May 7-11

Greetings 5A Community,

This week we introduced our last unit of the year on “transitions,” and we began our exploration with a visit to a Kindergarten classroom to help students realize some of the transitions they have already made as learners.

Ms. Cathie leads G5 students in Kindergarten activities, including songs, building blocks and writing the alphabet.

As part of understanding transitions, students attempt to organize their own seating arrangements in the class.

Next, we brainstormed other types of transitions and created a list that included physical, social and emotional changes. And yes, puberty was on the list! The following presentation slides give a brief overview of topics covered during the unit.

Now that Exhibition is over – although some groups are continuing their actions – we are back to a more normal schedule of math and literacy. In math this week, students learned about the different types of measurement through hands-on activities. In literacy, students learned to provide descriptive details into their “recount” writing.

Student explores volume by finding out how many cubic centimeters will fit in the rectangular prism.

Students measured the weight of objects in grams.

Next week, students will take the standardized MAP assessment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Families can help students by ensuring that their children come to school rested with full stomachs.

During a recess break, students wait for updates of the NBA basketball playoffs.

Have a splendid weekend,

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