Week 30: April 9-13

Greetings 5A Community,

We’ve come back after the break to a flexible schedule where students have more group time and agency to select specialists based on their Exhibition needs. In working towards our presentation deadlines, students are writing songs, making models, creating games in PE, baking, building, creating and owning their learning.

As homeroom teachers we have been supporting the students to form pathways linked to their passions and to highlight their knowledge and understanding. We, like you, are just as excited to see where their creativity takes the groups.

With only nine PYPX days left, all groups are working on finalising research, working on making an interactive and dynamic presentation space and solidifying action.

We invite you to come and watch the students at work next Wednesday, as they continue this process. The children will be in their PYPX groups and coordinating classrooms all day, so check with your child to ensure you know their location on the day. Please note there are no student-led conferences for grade 5 this Wednesday and an email from Megan Brazil has been sent to confirm this arrangement.

In addition the PYPX, students continue to read, write and practice math everyday. To find out exactly what they are learning, check out their most recent blog post here.

Students explain their models for finding the area of a bathroom (5.5 x 8.5).

Students ate popcorn in their book club groups while discussing connections and inferences.

Students wrote response essays that included opinions, description and judgement words.

Exhibition groups met with various experts to learn more about their topics.

Warm regards,


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