Week 28: March 19-23

Greetings 5A Community,

Students discuss ideas for the PYP Exhibition.

Finding Out is an important aspect of PYPX. Unlike other research that may have taken place throughout the year, the students are entirely self directed. They have selected the topics (see all topics here) and have formulated their own questions to guide their research. The students are able to follow the research where they see fit. Unlike other units, any primary sources have been sourced and contacted by the students. They are formulating their questions and ensuring they gather all that they need in interview scenarios, both inside and outside the UNIS community.

Here is a sample of one groups’ inquiry.

It is through this research that ideas for action are being formulated. In order to truly take an impactful action, students must first thoroughly understand their topic or issue. Help your child by having conversations on what they have learnt and how they feel this is informing their action. How has their thinking been changed? What needs do they see in their immediate community? What needs exist in their larger community? If they could do anything to make an impact for their issue what would they do?

Students will transfer their knowledge into a written informative piece to share in PYPX and with stakeholders as they initiate action.

In addition to working on the PYP Exhibition, students spent literacy time developing “judgemental” vocabulary to use for response writing. They also met in “book clubs” to discuss the writing features of study novels. In math, students practiced division and determined what to do with a remainder, depending on the context of the story problem.

As always, so much going on!

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