Week 16: Nov 27 – Dec 1

Greetings 5A Community,

Did you know that UNIS uses 13,000 kilowatts of electricity every day and spends over $10,000 on electricity each month? 

Thanks to a visit from our Senior Operations Officer, Carl Strefford, we were able to learn more about our own energy usage and next steps for UNIS.

As we continue our inquiry into the function and impact of electricity, students researched and wrote informational reports on the various energy source options. We completed our prototypes of electrical devices and experimented with hand-held generators. You can test our learning by asking students to explain the difference between a motor and a generator.

Students investigate hand-held generators.

In math, we continued to improve our understanding of fractions. Students learned that fractions can be greater than one and are learning to find common denominators so that they can add and subtract fractions. The next step is to apply our understanding to the real world, by investigating the following claim: “one-fourth of the world’s population lacks electricity.”

Have a good weekend, full of delight, but don’t forget to turn off the light. 


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