Week 15: November 20 – 24

Greetings 5A Community,

This week students continued their exploration of electricity with a design challenge to create a electrical device, such as a lamp, a toy vehicles and a pen that writes by itself!

Another highlight of the week was publishing our narratives, which we spent weeks revising and editing. We had a publishing party, where we read our stories to our G1 buddies while eating popcorn. You can find our stories and reflections on the student blogs.

Students continue to read, read, read various types of texts, as they research electricity and participate in reading groups. And to encourage reading at home, students share their favorite books by writing and posting book reviews.

In math, we explored the concept of fractions by modeling different fractions using blocks and by identifing them on a number line. The students had the following reflections:

  • When modeling, we can decide what the whole represents
  • It’s important to name the whole (denominator) and the parts (numerator)

Ms. Beth, the ES math coach, also introduced a 3-Act math play, where the students were asked to solve a “real-world” problem involving fractions on the highway.

Next Thursday and Friday, you are invited into the 5A classroom as part of the UNISOpen Doors.” Below is the list of times and classroom activities you can observe and/or participate in during the school day:
10:55 am    Unit of Inquiry
(G5 students will explore the “best” energy options for their assigned region of the world)
10:10 am      Math
(students will use their math practices to solve an authentic problem)

And finally, here is a list of possible dinner time conversations (learning targets) for next week:

  • Identify the different energy options
  • Develop reading strategies for informational text
  • Create thesis statements for informational texts
  • Compare and order fractions on a number line

Wishing you a weekend of wonderful meals with family and friends,

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