Week 12: Oct 29 – Nov 3

Greetings 5A Community,

I hope to see you Friday for the UN Day Celebration, starting at 10:15am for parents. Just listening to the entire elementary school rehearse their song while surrounded by all the country flags made me cry, but I pretended something was in my eye.

This week students reflected on our migration unit and revisited our unit on identity. You can visit the student blogs to find out how students felt about their learning. In literacy, students wrote narrative drafts, and I am amazed by the growth in their writing. Next week, we will revise, edit and publish our narratives, so you can look forward to reading their stories. In math, we began to look at place values less than one. To ensure your child is developing their understanding, I encourage parents to discuss the similarities and differences between decimals and fractions.

Students create outlines (story arcs) for their narrative writing

Students divide up their day using 10×10 grids.

Finally, we are ending the week with activities designed to highlight the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We spent time reading graphic novels produced by the UN to our 1st Grade reading buddies and we discussed the different types of possible actions: invent, innovate and campaign. We also teamed up with the entire Grade 5 to create a graph showing the electricity use per country per capita. We hope this activity will lead to action ideas, and it will serve as a provocation for our upcoming unit on electricity.

Reading with our G1 Buddies

UN Day – Friday 3rd – Early dismissal
Walk-a-thon – Wednesday 8th

Enjoying our global world,

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