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Hi grade 4 EAL Beginner and Intermediate Students!!


It has been awhile since I have last posted but it’s been very busy.

We are starting a brand new UOI: Sharing the Planet.

We will inquire into the rights of children.

The central idea is Children’s rights and responsibilities exist to enable equitable opportunities.

Speak to your parents about how the word “rights” is being used in this sentence. There are many meanings for the word “rights”.  Which meaning fits with this central idea.

Please  have a discussion in your home language with someone in your family about what the central idea means.  Translate  the central idea into your home language. If you are an EAL Beginner you must bring the translation of the central idea to me by Monday March 20th, 2017.


Here is a list of important vocabulary for this UOI. You need to know and completely understand these words in English and your home language.

Rights, responsibility, circumstances, equitable, equity.

If you are having difficulty understanding the UN SDGs or you want to read more about them click on the link below.


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Hey There Grade 4 EAL!

By now you are into the new  UOI:

Who We Are


It’s all about how our bodies work.

Home Learning #1 If you are an EAL intermediate or advanced student please check out this video about the body systems on Flocabulary.


Click here to watch the video.


Don’t forget to click in the right hand corner of the video to slow it down.

Home Learning #2 if you are an EAL intermediate or advanced student please practice reading and writing compound and simple sentences. Go back to the Flocabulary video. You can even print out the activities for more practice.

Click simple and compound sentences to view the video.

Below is an activity you can do at home.

Just read and follow the instructions.

click simple and compound sentence sort.


Home Learning #3 if you are an EAL Beginner:

Please practice identifying the different parts of the body in both English and your home language use the flash cards you made in class.


That is all for now!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Ms. Nicole



Welcome to the Grade 4 EAL Learning Space!

Hello Grade 4 EAL!!!

You are in the middle learning how the world works!


Home Learning  # 1 (for all EAL students)

Central Idea: Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and our activity.

What does this mean to you? Please discuss the central idea in your home language with people in your family.

Home Learning Activity #2 (EAL Intermediate and Beginner)

Can you remember the different landform vocabulary words you learned this week?

See if you can match the landforms and translate the words into your home language.

Click below to see the vocabulary.


Home Learning Activity # 3 (all EAL Students)

Watch the following videos to review UOI vocabulary.


 username: nmoodie@unishanoi.org


Click Landforms


Barinpop Jr

username: unishanoi

password: unis1234

Click on more landforms


To practice writing simple and compound sentences review the video below and make a comment about the video using simple and compound sentences.

Click here for the video.

Flocabulary username: nmoodie@unishanoi.org Password:unisgr04


That’s all for now!!


Ms. Nicole

Welcome to the Grade 4 EAL Learning Space!

Hello Grade 4 EAL students!!!!

You have been in school for a few weeks. I hope it has been going well.

Last week I met most of your parents. Many of them really want you to have homework, but as you know UNIS does not give homework. I am sure you think this is very exciting and you are happy that you don’t have to spend your whole evening doing more work. Just because we do not give homework does not mean you can go home and only watch TV and play video games.  This blog space will be here to help you when you are not in EAL class. All the information and activities posted here will help you to improve your English.


How We Express Ourselves 




Identity is expressed in many ways.

We are at the very end of this UOI.


Home Learning Activity # 1:

for all EAL students

Answer the following questions in the comments box below please use the sentence starter to help you with your ideas:

1.How did you express your identity? 

Sentence starter: I expressed my identity by…

2. What was your favorite way to express your identity?

 Sentence Starter: My favorite way I expressed my identity was…

3. What connections did you make to your classmate’s identities?

Sentence frame: I connected to …. because….
Home Learning Activity # 2:

for EAL Intermediate Students:

You have been making text to self connections in our reading lessons. When reading at home please practice making text to self connections in your home language.  Tell your connections to someone one in your family.


for EAL Beginner students

You have been practicing how to retell stories in EAL class. Please read a story and  practice retelling in your home language.

Sie haben geübt, wie man Geschichten in EAL Klasse nachzuerzählen. 
Bitte lesen Sie eine Geschichte und Praxis Nacherzählung in Ihrer Muttersprache.

당신은 EAL 클래스의 이야기를 되풀이하는 방법을 연습하고있다.
 이야기를 읽고 당신의 가정 언어로 개작을 연습하시기 바랍니다.

I hope these translations make sense to you! 

Bye for now!


Ms. Nicole


Welcome to the Grade 4 EAL Learning Space!

Hello Grade 4 EAL Students!!


I am Ms. Nicole your Grade 4 EAL teacher!

I am from the USA and I have been working at

UNIS for 6 years!








This blog space will help you improve your English. I will have important information about your Unit of Inquiry (UOI ) as well as reading, writing and math.

Current UOI Information

How We Express Ourselves: Identity

Central Idea: Identity is expressed in many ways.

Your Activity:

  1. Discuss  this central idea with your parents
  2.  post your thoughts in the comments sections of this blog.

That’s all for now!!