Hi everyone

Here are some highlights and quotes from the class about our first 3 days of school…

  • I really enjoyed Ms Mel reading to us and the new book, “Beetle Boy”. (Maisie)
  • Playing Getting to Know You Bingo and doing a scavenger hunt with the whole of grade 4. (Duc)
  • Making identity webs about me to introduce ourselves to each other. (Clara)
  • Brainstorming together to see what makes a good teacher, student and classroom. (Alina)
  • I like the new classroom environment with the different places that we can sit! (Orlo)
  • Beginning to do writing and writing Ms Mel a letter. (Anesu)

Some things they are looking forward to…

  • Finishing writing our essential agreements on Monday. (Duc)
  • Beginning to apply the essential agreements that we write. (Kelei)
  • Starting to run our normal school day. (Jesse)
  • Doing more math, I love math. (Omar)
  • Starting to use our computers and iPads. (Lin)
  • Learning how to write my own schedule! (ALL!)

Here is our specialist schedule for the year…