October break is here already!

Thank you all so much for coming to meet with me this week! It was a great opportunity to talk together about your child and what are dreams and wishes are for them for the year! I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

Have a great, happy and safe week break! I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures in a weeks time!

Things To Ask Your Student About:

  • Grade 4 learning space
  • the rock cycle
  • literacy rotations
  • numeracy rotations

Next School Week in Review:


  • Math centers to individualize learning according to individual needs
    Problem-solving strategies
    Subtracting over 100 barriers
    Reflecting on their work.


  • Reading for information about the UOI
    Note-taking strategies
    Response writing
    Writing comments on each other’s blogs and giving feedback that is kind, specific and helpful.
  • Creating descriptions using figurative language
  • Using the writing process to plan


  • Starting the new UOI, “where we are in place and time”
  • Central Idea: Connections to our past and present influence future generations.
  • An inquiry into...
    the different forms of heritage (form)
    the connection between what is valued and what is preserved (connection)
    who decides what is worth preserving (perspective)
  • One way that we could use your support is in our upcoming unit. We will be learning about heritage and why we should preserve it.  We will be asking the children to think about anything they have in their family that has been passed down from precious generations. It might be a recipe, a necklace, a quilt or a family dance.  Please have a talk with your child about what has been passed down. After the break we will be asking interested parents to come share something from their family or cultural heritage as well.


  • Oct. 9-13 Autumn Break- No School
  • October 19th (Thursday) @ 7:00pm in Community Room: Understanding Mathematics at UNIS and How to Support as a Parent.
    • This is just for grade 2-5 parents and will be VERY informative!


Week in Review:

Things to ask your child about:

  • the new classroom furniture
  • Math 3 Act task about the dot wall
  • iTime
  • Task-O-Poly


    • Reading large numbers and understanding place value
    • Build an understanding of the value of large numbers.

    • Problem Solving strategies- How to identify what information you have, what information you need and then use that to calculate.

    •  Earlier this week we looked at a picture of the newly created dot wall. Our class wanted to figure out how many dots their were. We started this problem in class  Feel free to discuss it with your child to see if they can work it out and explain their thinking.


  • English:
    • Response writing- how to write about a work or experience and make judgements about it
    • Introducing Biblionasium to log reading time, books and share their reading with each other
  • UOI: Stages of the rock cycle
  • Other:
    • UNIS’s 30th birthday celebration!
    • Redesigning the layout of our classroom.
    • MAPS testing

*Please see Curriculum section for curriculum details for each unit if you would like to know more about what is next

Website of the Week:

  • Biblionasium Parental encouragement at home can make a considerable difference in students’ reading success. With Biblionasium you can see your child’s reading history, reading logs, favorite books, reading preferences, book reviews and more.

*There are MANY helpful websites available on the Grade 4 Learning Space!


  • Thursday, September 28th: Moon Festival- Don’t forget to wear your ao dai!
  • Tuesday, October 3rd: Parent-Teacher Conferences- Student Free Day
  • Oct. 9-13 Autumn Break- No School


Today we held our class vote for Student Council Representatives for 2017/18. I am very happy to announce HARLEY DORE and DO HYUN KIM as our elected reps for the year.

Both Harley and Do Hyun won the election convincingly after students voted using the criteria of; Caring, Open-Minded, Cooperative and Communicators. They begin with their responsibilities next week, meeting with Mr Lush and Ms Megan each week during one of the recess breaks.

Please have a relaxing weekend and stay safe during the forecast storm!



Week 4!



  • Measuring the classroom
  • What a prefix is
  • How to play Reckon
  • All things rockets (Former SpaceX engineer Philip Kassouf visited and spoke with the Grade 4 students this week. He spoke about overcoming challenges and taking advantage of the opportunity they have to study at UNIS).
  • What we want to achieve with our new furniture (coming MONDAY!)…in particular ask about collaboration and flexibility and they needed to think about when creating a design
  • Understanding the consequences that match their behaviour…As the week progressed the classes behaviour improved DRAMATICALLY! They saw that this affected the overall mood to the classroom and how much more learning they could achieve.
  • Going dotty with their K2 buddy


  • September 19 – 21    MAP testing
  • September 19           UNIS Hanoi 30th Birthday Celebration Afternoon
  • October 3                  Parent teacher conferences – Student Free Day
  • October 9 – 13           Autumn Break – No school

Week in Review:


  • We have been focusing on place value and rounding.  We have been using 1,000 books to find numbers that we can round up and down to.  
  • We have also been practicing solving problems using the strategy of rounding.  For example students mentally added 533 + 469 by rounding 533 to 530 and 469 to 470.  Adding those together to make 1000 and then figuring out that they needed to add 2 from before they rounded to make 1002. They then applied this strategy to other problems.
  • The students have been introduced to Khan Academy as a means to practice place value and rounding.  To practice at home just go to this link and the students can login and get started.  I will be able to see their progress and can help them with difficult concepts in school. 


    • We are teaching students how to choose appropriate leveled and interesting books but you might also want some ideas on books that might interest your child. Here is a list of books that last year’s Grade 4 students recommended at the end of the year. Here are the books that last year’s students voted as top ten best books they read that year.
    • writing to entertain through onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors; writing to reflect in our portfolios
    • In writing the students were learning to write response texts. They did this by writing a response to the field trip we had last Friday.


  • Inquiring into how the human activity and natural processes affect the earths surface


  • Learning how to use the design cycle to create a product.
  • Developing cooperation and communication skills when working in a group

Helpful websites:

Khan Academy: Students get assignments that are catered to their individual level. There are videos that help when students get stuck or when they want to push themselves to learn something new. I can see their progress and then help them in school.

Newsela: A great website full of news articles that are written in kid friendly language. Students can adjust the difficulty level of the text to fit for them.  I can assign specific articles for them to read and they can also choose their own. They each have their own logins for this.


3rd Week of School

Good afternoon everyone,

I am looking forward to meeting with you this evening to Back To School Night! It will be great to go through our classroom routines and layout!


  • Ms Mel eating the candle!
  • Writers workshop and how to hook their audience
  • How to create new math games with a pack of cards
  • How to find different examples of Earth’s surface on Google Earth


A reminder that TOMORROW is our field trip to Soc Son. We will be leaving school at 8.30am and aim to be back on campus by 2pm. Please send them to school with a packed snack and lunch and a water bottle! Also they should be wearing strong shoes and a hat 🙂 A small backpack or bag would also be useful.

Moon Festival is one of the most important festivals in Vietnam, especially for children. Held annually at UNIS Hanoi, the Moon Festival Celebration is a great opportunity for students to learn more about Vietnamese culture and traditions. This year, Elementary School students will have a Tết Trung Thu Celebration in the theater on Thursday, September 28th 2017.  All students and staff are encouraged to wear an “Áo Dài- Vietnamese traditional dress” on Thursday, September 28th 2017 . You can buy a ready-made/ or have one Ao dai made downtown at the clothing shops in the some of the Old Quarter streets such as: Hàng Đào, Lương Văn Can, Hàng Bông, etc.

Parent Teacher Conferences – October the 3rd 2017! THIS IS A STUDENT FREE DAY! More information will come to you closer to the date.

Week in Review:

    • Math: Identifying patterns in numbers to 1,000.  Learning word problem solving strategies.
    • English:  Writing friendly letters and poems to students in America.  Learning and practicing reading strategies.
    • UOI: Practicing making scientific observations. Inquiring into how the movement of water changes the earth’s surface.
    • I-Time:  Learning the inquiry process of asking questions and setting up experiments to answer those questions.

A note from P.E.:

Next week Monday and Tuesday we will be doing our PE class outside with water activities.  There is a good chance that you will get wet during class. Please be sure that you wear your PE clothes and have your change of clothes so you don’t have to spend the day wet!


PE clothes, change of clothes, hat, water bottle

A few moments of fun from the past week…



Week two down!

A look ahead to next week:

This week we will be focusing on the following…

Reading: Practicing reading comprehension strategies and continuing to read our class read aloud, “The one and only Ivan”.

Writing: beginning to write our portfolio reflections independently, developing our descriptive writing during writers workshop, taking a big idea and finding the small stories within them.

Math: Number sense and learning Math routines and games

UOI: Changes to the earth’s surface (Geology)


  • Back-to-School Night, September 7th @ 6:00pm
  • Students should have a hat and water bottle every day.
  • Students should have a pair of headphones to keep at school.
  • ASA and UMA begin


T-Ball begins on Tuesday the 5th of September! Students should have a hat and drink bottle and parents should inform transport department of any changes to normal routines.

4A students participating: Grant, Ethan, Alex, Cody and Rina


Week 2 hightlight’s (from the students):

  • meeting buddies for the first time
  • new seating options
  • the floor desks! “they are so cool!”
  • math challenges
  • looking at our new unit of inquiry

Here are some photos:

Welcome to 4A!

What a great first week we had in 4A! I hope you have heard lots of stories about the different things we all got up to!

The students did a fantastic job at writing some class agreements! It was a detailed process where they had to share what they thought about how they like being spoken to when working in a group and what their ideal classroom looks like. This is the end result…
We have been playing around with our seating in the classroom and are taking extra responsibility for our own learning by deciding on where we would like to sit. It is taking a few tries to choose the seat that is best for our learning, not just where our friends are! Already in week two there have been major improvements and the students are enjoying sitting in a spot that suits how they like to work.

ES Grade Level Socials

What:  A short (1 hour) social event for families, hosted by the SCO, with cold drinks, snacks, and an opportunity for parents and students to mingle.

Purpose:  To bring new and returning families together to connect with one another; to build and reinforce a sense of community within new classes.

When:  Thursday 31st August 

Where: Starting in the classroom at 3.30 and followed by outside eating, drinking and socialising (till 4.30)


A look ahead to this week:

This week we will be focusing on the following…

Reading: Practicing reading comprehension strategies and continuing to read our class read aloud, “The one and only Ivan”.

Writing: Continuing to develop our portfolio writing understandings, getting started on understanding the writing process

Math: Number sense and learning Math routines and games

UOI: Changes to the earth’s surface (Geology)


  • Individual School Photos on Thursday, August 31st!
  • Back-to-School Night, September 7th @ 6:00pm
  • Students should have a hat and water bottle every day.
  • Students should have a pair of headphones to keep at school.