Thank you!

Hi everyone!

It is hard to believe that this is the last blog post for the year! I would like to say a big, big thank you to you all for the kind emails, cards, gifts and words over the last two weeks! It was a great year and I really appreciate all the effort and support you have offered over the last 10 months.

Your children, my students, have become a class of amazing thinkers, organised planners and self-aware learners and I am so proud of them! EVERY one of them made personal improvements throughout the year and achieved what they didn’t believe was possible!

I would like to share with you the folder of all the photos that I took this year of your students 🙂 They used a lot of them in their blogs and a lot of them have been on my class blog and twitter too. They will be available for you to access up until the first day of the new school year! Please download any that you would like!!! They are some beautiful photos amongst them (some pretty terrible ones too!) especially from UN Day!

Have a safe and happy summer and please keep in touch!

Kindest Regards


Action, Action, Action

This year when the Grade 4 teaching team were planning the How We Organise Ourselves  unit of inquiry we wanted to be able to offer the students to actually use their profits to take
“physical” action if they wanted as opposed to making cash donations. It was exciting to see the work that the groups have done and their planning has been hard work. This week there has been a bundle of action happening in class 4A as our social enterprise groups undertake their the actions that they proposed when they first initiated the social enterprises back in February.

See below for what has been happening…


With a profit of over 5 million Vietnam Dong the GGG’s were excited to go shopping this week with the school gardener, Mr David. They were able to purchase enough products to create 18 gardening kits that they will be donating to Vietnamese families over the coming week…stay tuned for more information!


The Sew Knit Kids have been working hard to promote their end of the year pencil drive! They have been busy visiting classrooms and promoting their drive, creating drop boxes and posting their advertisements around the school. They have also placed an order for other stationary to go with all the pencils that they collect. In the last week of school they will meet with Ms Nada, from Project Sprouts, to make their donation.



This week the Well Builders took the money that they raised with the money a similar group in 4C made AND also a donation from K2 (who had their own market day) to purchase 3 water filters. These water filters will provide their owners with 18,000 liters of fresh, clean water. They are currently talking with Mr Campbell in the upper school to decide on their best options on who to make their donation to. All 3 members of the Well Builders are looking at continuing their work into Grade 5 as they focus on SDG 6; Clean Water and Sanitation. Here are the photos of the group accepting the donation from K2.


This group of eager care providers have been busy ordering and receiving 24 brand new teddies. They have written a letter to send with these teddies and they will be posting them tomorrow to an orphanage in the south of Vietnam.


These two groups decided to put their profits together with many other groups in the grade level. In the coming week they will put in orders for resources (such as CD players) and stationary that they will take with them next year when they visit Vinh Tien School when they are on Grade 5 camp. Photos will come next week!


Some Math Resources for the Summer

Hi all

As we approach the Summer Holidays I thought you may be interested in some resources that you could access / purchase to help your students stay on top of their math understandings while they are enjoying their time away from school.

Here are some suggestions…



Remember…some good questions to ask your child when travelling and just spending time together at home are…

Some messages and photos…

Hi everyone

Please see below for some messages from PE as well as some photos of the past week. I hope you are able to come and see some of our talented cast perform over the coming weekend!

Stay cool and safe this weekend!

Grade 4 will begin their Trampolining unit. What we ask students to be ready for this is: socks, long sleeved top and tracksuit pants/tights. Olympic trampolines have an abrasive surface so your child will get injured without this clothing. Please put them in a bag and leave them at school for the next 5 weeks. Your child will change into them before and after PE.


A dotty book character dress up day!

Thank you for your help in allowing 4A to have a great Book Character Dress Up Day! I hope you enjoy these photos…


A class of achievers…that is 4A…

Reminder: Next Wednesday you are invited to come to the classroom as the students will lead you through a conference. They will show you what they have been learning and what their goals are.  There will be no school this day.  You should have received an e-mail from the school with instructions on how to sign up. The students have been busy planning how they will lead you through their 40 minutes in the classroom. It is very different for each child and is largely interactive. I am certain you will enjoy every minute!

Our Week in Review:


A big part of the school week, since the beginning of the school year, has been reflecting on our learning. The students start each day by reflecting on what they learnt the day before, what they will be focusing on for the day ahead and how they are going in achieving their goals. They write in their portfolios daily and have dedicated time to ensure they are documenting their individual learning journey. I regularly read these blog posts and use them as away to track their progress in writing as well as how they are generally feeling about school in general. I was excited this week to read a post that was reflecting on the new “student directed” approach that we have been taking this year.


We have begun our new unit. The students will be inquiring into:

Our body systems are affected by our choices.

  • the different body systems (form)
  • how body systems work (function)
  • the affect our choices have on our body systems (causation)

This week the students spent time making connections to the central idea and lines of inquiry (provided above) and brainstormed ways that they would inquire into the unit. They have begun to prepare for the 20 day challenge. They have identified an area of their life that they would like to work on and improve.  Some examples are:

On Friday many of the students went to the sports area and did their “pretests” where they were checking what their current skill level is.

They will now create a plan for their 15 day challenge which will see them train daily for the next 15 days. While training they will collect data then analyze their results. They will need to research about what body system was effected and explain what happened. We will then invite you into the class in about four weeks for a presentation on their results.  Please can you encourage your students to doing their training program every afternoon after school! We have talked a lot about the need for being committed and taking responsibility.


As we continue through the unit the students are identifying the skills that they will need in order to undertake their project work. They have started to take extra responsibility for their learning by requesting workshops that help them improve on different skills that they are concerned they are lacking (an example is writing open ended interview questions, creating data tables to record information…). These workshops are offered by myself and Ms Huong but also Ms Nicole and Ms Sara when they are pushing in to our classroom. The workshops allow for the students to have a more individualised program where their specific needs are being met. This coming week we are also having Ms Conroy in the library lead a workshop for us on reading for information in non fiction texts.

What has been an exciting part of the week has been to see the number of students who are will ing to be risk takers and offer their own workshops! They are reflecting on their improvement and choosing to help their peers. The benefits of this are endless for both themselves and their peers! For themselves the student workshop leaders have to have a deeper understanding of the concept they are “teaching” in order to present it to their peers clearly and be able to answer questions. For the workshop participants they are able to have concepts reinforced from a peer who is able to present it in a different way and is what could be seen by some, a less intimidating environment.


Reading: Non Fiction –> students have been focusing on locating resources that will provide them with information on their chosen body system.

Writing: Aside from their integrated project focus the students are continuing with their writers workshop / narrative focus.


As we are finishing off multiplication focusing more on division and fractions the students are having fun with exploring the different strategies that they have learned. Taking the focus away from traditional algorithms has enabled all of the students to be both challenged and motivated. I am happy to report that so far 80% of the students in class have achieved automatic recall of their times tables and the other 20% are working extremely hard to reach their goals too! Please help by encouraging them to practice from home each night! And let me know if you would like me to resend some resources to help with this!



Art Show:

This week the ES Art exhibition opened and it is well worth a look!!!  4A students didn’t disappoint with excellent work on display!

What a great job our kids did!

The kids in the whole grade level did such a great job today and it was fantastic to see so many of you at school to help support your little entrepreneurs! This afternoon was spent counting money, repaying loans and celebrating the class’s amazing donation amount of 8 million, 16 thousand Vietnamese Dong!

Here is the table that highlights to you what each group focused on and where their money will be going. Keep an ear open and ask questions over the coming weeks to find out what will happen to make these donations!


Today in 4A we focused on bullying. What is it? What does it look like? Who does it happen to? We watched this video about the Bully Awareness Campaign that is running in Australia.

What I thought would be a half hour discussion became so much more as the class shared stories of their own experiences with bullying. It was suggested that we do more! They talked some more and decided that they would like to do an online infomercial for Tin Tuc, a presentation for assembly and posters to put up around the school.

I was so impressed with the maturity and responsibility that the students displayed. Below you can see a slide show presentation, photos of the process they took and also the posters.

I have asked the students to talk about this at home with you and for them to come up with 3 people that they trust and feel safe to talk to should anything bother them either now or in the future.

Have a great weekend!



A great class of performers!

It was great to see so many people at school today for the music concert this morning and then open house this afternoon. If you were not lucky enough to make it I hope you enjoy the stories you hear tonight and also a few of the photos from the day!

Reminder: Next Thursday March 22 from 12:30-1:30 is Market Day.  Some students will need to purchase materials this weekend.  They will be given a loan from school to purchase those materials.  If any of the students money is spent they should keep a receipt so that we can reimburse them.

Our Week in Review:

UOI:  Students updated their cost sheets, divided tasks, learned about elements of visual design and began preparing their stall and products.

Literacy: This week we have focused on preparing visual literacy in the form of advertisements for our market day stall. We also continue to work on our grammar skills and descriptive writing in writers workshop.

Math: Applying our extensive number knowledge in a real life context has been our focus this week as we calculate costs, measure ingredients, predict the number of serves one bag of…will make us…the list is endless!


  1. March 12th STUDENT FREE DAY – Staff professional development day – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  2. March 15th:  Grades 4 & 5 Music Concert; March 22nd 9am
  3. March 15th & 16th:  Open Classrooms #2
  4. March 22nd Grade 4 Market Day!
  5. March 23rd:  ES Parents & Administrators’ Coffee Morning – “Supporting your child’s literacy and language development at home.” Facilitated by Angela Brienza, English Coordinator, and ESLT.
  6. Friday, March 30th: ES Fun Sports Afternoon
  7. March 31st – April 8th Spring Break

Thursday / Friday Open House

Hi everyone

This Thursday and Friday is the elementary school open house. For this the homerooms and specialist classes will be made available for you to come in and observe.

Please note that for 4A the open house periods will be:


9 – 10.15 Music Concert in the Theatre

1.15 – 1.55pm Math in the homeroom

2.15 – 3.00 World Languages


9.10 – 9.50 Writers Workshop

10.10 – 10.50 Student Directed Learning

PLEASE NOTE: The music classes are not being offered outside of the music presentation on Thursday mornnig.