Multiplication Practice

In Math we have been working on multiplication.  We have been working on the following learning intentions.

  • Recall multiplication facts up to 10 × 10 (and soon for related division facts).
  • Develop efficient mental and written strategies for multiplication (and soon for division).
  • Explore and describe number patterns resulting from performing multiplication. (identify prime numbers and factors)
  • Identify prime numbers, factors and square numbers.


In order to support students development of fluency with multiplication facts we have made videos of a couple of the multiplication fact games.   More multiplication and other math related games can be found in the Grade 4 Learning Space. Students are encouraged to practice at home for a few minutes a day.



Our Learning in 4C

News from Library:  As you know, Library is  being scheduled differently this year than in the past. Intead of having a fixed library day to return books, the library has a more flexible schedule. Our class goes to the library during our reading times in small groups.  Students therefore, can choose to go to the library on Monday, Thursday or Friday each week.  Starting this week they are required to bring a seperate bag to carry home the books.

News from PE:  Please check out the new grade 4 PE post to see what 4C has been up to in PE.

What we have been up to:

September 19-23 Learning Intentions :

UOI: Use blogs to express our identity and document our growing understanding of our identity.

Reading: Use a variety of strategies to improve our reading comprehension.

Math: Use the most effecient strategy to solve the problem. (Choose the right tool)

Writing: Structure a narrative correctly.

Use descriptive writing techniques (show not tell) to improve our writing.

Earlier in Sepetember the students celebrated Moon Festival. Not only did the students dress up in lovely looking Ao  Dai’s but they also enjoyed Moon Festival snacks and toy making.  The highlight of the day was the Moon Festival assembly, in which several of our class members starred in the show!


Math Games

As you may remember from back to school night, we are not sending home homework this year but we are encouraging your child to read at home for 20 minutes and to do a 10 minute Math game every night. In order to support this, our class created video explanations of some of the Math activities we have been doing at school that can easily be played at home. To see more games please look in our Grade 4 Learning Space.

Updates from 4C

We had a great time with our buddies this week completing tower building challenges. Our buddies are learning about working together and we are learning to use design thinking, therefore our grade 4 class came up with the idea of having design challenges.


We are practicing place value and number sense. The students are beginning to look at landmark numbers and how to visualize addition and subtraction problems to 1,000.


The students are working on the reading skills of questioning and connecting as they read.  In writing they were introduced to how to “fast forward” past the boring parts of a story and “slow down” to describe the interesting part of a story.


The students are continuing to learn about how we express ourselves in many ways.

It was wonderful to meet many of you this week at the back to school night. In case you missed the night or if you want to refer to the slideshow for any reason, I have embedded it below.


This Wednesday our class is the providing class for Snack sale

Here are some details from the SCO


As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus we require all snacks to include a list of ingredients. When it is your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:

  • 10 individually wrapped homemade healthy snacks (the value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND)
  • A labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
  • On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks BEFORE 8.10amto the designated tables in the ECC or ES Courtyard


Both savory and sweet snacks are welcome (i.e. fresh fruit bowl, lightly salted/sweetened popcorn, rice balls, homemade muesli bars, muffins, samosas, etc.), below are a few example of snacks provided in previous snack sales.


If parents are interested in volunteering, they can just come by the Snack Sale table in the morning, we need as much help as possible to sell snacks to the students! There will be refreshments available to keep you warm while you help sell snacks.

If you have any questions about what snacks to bring, please contact the Snack Sale Coordinators and

Updates from 4MS

We had an exciting week with field trips throughout Hanoi to potential world heritage sites.  We also celebrated World Read Aloud Day with our K2 buddies and we finished up our geometry unit.  As part of our final geometry assessment we demonstrated some of our knowledge through designing a shape clubhouse.  Take a look at the videos below to see some highlights of our learning last week.



This years ES Fun Sports Morning is on Friday the 4th of March. The focus of the event is being active and having fun.

Please ensure that students come prepared for the morning with:
– a hat
– a water bottle
– athletic clothing in your child house color (tigers red, lions yellow, buffaloes blue, eagles green)
– appropriate shoes for running
– sunscreen if its hot and sunny

We will commence with a warm-up at 8:30 am and event will run until11:30. We would love to have supporters along for the morning cheering on all the kids and taking lots of photos!

Looking back and looking forward

November 30- December 11

Learning Intentions:

Subject Last Week This Week
UOI We understand what the human body systems are and what choices we make which effect them. We will understand how human body systems work and how they rely on each other.
Literacy We published our Memoirs. Please visit our student blogs to read through our memoirs. We are working on the skill of note-taking. We will identify important information in text.

We applied our understanding of data  to collect, organize and represent data in order to plan a party.


 Compare and describe two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes.

The start of I-time

Throughout the year the students have been completing design challenges on a weekly basis. We have called this time Genius Hour. This has been an excellent opportunity for students to learn about problem solving and group work.  An example of some of our challenges have been to build a chair out of cardboard that is designed for Ms. Thao or to use a bottle and a plastic bag to build an air cannon. We are now moving into the phase of giving the students more choice in what projects they work on. We will call this time I-time which stands for Inquiry time.  Have a look at the video below to see what the students have been up to in I-time. This video was created by Ola, Beeke, Hien and James.



Important Notices, November 2-6

Important Notices for the week of November 2-6

No School: There will be no school this Thursday or Friday because teachers will be engaged in professional development.

Walk-a-thon: The annual Walk-a-thon will be held this Wednesday. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.  We need at least 3 parents who will be in charge of marking students arms each time they run a lap. It is a very fun and exciting event.  Please let me know if you could help.




Updates from 4MS

Our learning intentions for September 7- 18

UOI:   Our identity is expressed in many ways IMG_0090

Learning activities: personal mind maps, look at and define memoiIMG_0102rs, discuss why we tell stories.

Math Numbers can be partitioned, arranged, and regrouped in different ways to calculate and solve problems.

Learning Activities: Group problem solving, find patterns in 1,000 book, Mystery Number, Changing PlacesIMG_0115

Writing: Our personal stories can be communicated powerfully through the use of effective detail.

Learning Activities: Fast Forward, Slow Motion group writing and individual writing, Gathering Seeds, sharing writing examples


Reading:  Being aware of our thinking while reading helps us to better understand what we read. The focus is on connections and questions we have as we read.

Learning Activities: Readers Workshop with a focus on connections and questions with our leveled readers, writing a reading response letter, finding connections and questions to our read aloud, marking connections and questions in our silent reading time.IMG_0098

Important Dates:

Lesson plan for next week


* Our class is the contributing class for the snack sale this Friday so please have your child bring snacks to sell.

* Moon Festival celebration is coming up next week and your child is encouraged to wear an Ao Dai.

* ISA testing will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.


Fantastic Year

20140612_115031It has been a fantastic year in 5MS.  Students, you have been amazing. Congratulations on moving up to Grade 6. Enjoy Middle School and all the responsibilities and freedom it brings. You are ready for it.  But first, have a wonderful summer.  Here is the “We are From” poem that we created as a class and read at the Moving Up ceremony.



We are from huglandia

chair rocking and Zeinab dancing

from Aubrey’s “modern” art gallery

to coding with Scratch


from familiar black sandals to LT’s whiteboard reminders

We are from the smell of coffee and Xoi

vanilla hand sanitizer and a pomegranate candle

sweaty 5th graders back from PE

and lunches waiting in our stinky box


We are from the sweet candy snacks of H.H.

from pork fat jelly and oily spaghetti at camp

empty forkfuls without chocolate

from the multicultural tastes of UN day


We are from the stomping of footsteps along the hike

from “cool bananas”

to the stupid laughs we have

from “purple monkey dishwasher”

to “silence(french accent)” and “bonzai!”

We are from 5MS

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Etoile’s hot topic

Over the years an island called the great pacific garbage patch has formed, it is called that because the island is made completely out of litter and oils etc. But how did this happen? According to my research it’s because most of the trash we produce somehow goes to lakes, oceans, and seas. The trash from Japan and America get trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre which made the island appear. The great pacific garbage patch is huge it is estimated that it is around the size of the state of Texas. The existence of the great pacific garbage patch was predicted in a 1988 paper by a company called N.O.A.A. For more information click the link

I have some questions Do you think in the future, people are going to fix this or going to let the island grow? Do you think the island is inhabited? Do you think if the whole world knew about this they would do anything about it?

Thank you,