Promoting Peace and Understanding

“Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding.” -Albert Einstein

Our class is participating in a world wide peace crane project.   They have been busy writing letters, poems about their home, folding peace cranes and making videos. These will all be sent to America where author/illustrator Sue DiCicco will take them on a school tour as a way to promote understanding between students around the world.  Below is a video Luca made about what peace means to students at UNIS.

Week in Review:

    • Math: Identifying patterns in numbers to 1,000.  Learning word problem solving strategies.
    • English:  Writing friendly letters and poems to students in America.  Learning and practicing reading strategies.
    • UOI: Practicing making scientific observations. Inquiring into how the movement of water changes the earth’s surface.
    • I-Time:  Learning the inquiry process of asking questions and setting up experiments to answer those questions.


  • Back-to-School Night, Thursday, September 7th @ 6:00pm
  • Field Trip to Sac Son Friday, September 8th (Where sensible walking shoes!)
  • Students should have a hat and water bottle every day.
  • Students should have a pair of headphones to keep at school.
  • HEALTHY snacks only, please!

A note from P.E.:

Next week Monday and Tuesday we will be doing our PE class outside with water activities.  There is a good chance that you will get wet during class. Please be sure that you wear your PE clothes and have your change of clothes so you don’t have to spend the day wet!

MONDAY: 4C and 4D


PE clothes, change of clothes, hat, water bottle

What did you learn this week?

“We learned new reading strategies. We learned how to check for understanding and we learned cross checking.” – Aisiyah

“I learned that scientist can learn by looking at things really closely and you can be a scientist as a kid.  You can learn a lot from studying normal rocks.”- Seunghun

“You can solve math problems in different ways.” Ivana

Thank you for coming to back to school night.  For those of you who missed it, here is the slideshow.




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