Building Community in 4D

We are off to a great start in 4D. It has been a delightful week getting to know each other. While it may look and feel like fun and games to the students, the first weeks of school are actually important building blocks for the rest of the year. Not only are students learning classroom routines, building community and establishing agreements but I am also busy gathering information on how to best meet the needs of each individual student.

Each week students from 4D will be asked to tell a little bit about what happened that week in school. Here is our first video of several students telling about the first week and a half in 4th grade.

4D Classroom Agreements:

  • Help each other learn
  • Be kind
  • Treat the class as a learning space
  • Take risks
  • One person talk at a time
  • Treat mistakes as opportunities to learn

A look ahead to next week:

Next week we will be focused on the following…

Reading: Building reading stamina and practicing reading comprehension strategies

Writing: Writing poems about our street and learning how to write blog reflections

Math: Number sense and learning Math routines

UOI: Changes to the earth’s surface (Geology)


  • Class Photos on Monday, August 28th!
  • Back-to-School Night, September 7th @ 6:00pm
  • Students should have a hat and water bottle every day.
  • Students should have a pair of headphones to keep at school.
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