What we have been up to in 4C


This week we began our new unit. Inquiring into how the choices we make affect our bodies.

As a beginning to our unit many parents participated in an egg drop challenge, reflecting on how the body protects its vital organs and then designing a structure that would protect an egg.


Our class has been learning how to be good writers.  The focus for the first part of the year was how to write with good ideas and how to organize your writing.  Recently we have begun to focus on using effective word choice.

The students are all writing narrative stories. In the stories they demonstrate their understanding of our geology unit by describing the story of a rock.  Before each writing session we have a mini lesson on one aspect of word choice. Students then focus on including that in their rock stories. Below is an example of one of our word choice lessons this week.

Math: In addition to whole class learning engagements, 4C has four sessions a week of Math rotations.

Many of you had the chance to see the way that Math rotations work in 4C.   Rotations are broken up into 4 parts.

Number: The students will continue to develop number fluency throughout the year.  They will do this through choosing number games that fit their learning targets. At the moment students are working on building fluency with addition and subtraction. They will also continue to develop number fluency through whole class activities such as number talks.

Technology: Students will use technology to practice the skills learned in class. At the moment they are using Google Sketchup to build a classroom model.  They are using the skill of attending to precision.

Teacher Small Groups: I work with the students in small groups to either reinforce a concept they need extra support in or to introduce them to a new concept. This week I worked with groups on how to use what they know to figure out what they don’t know. How to find the missing measurement of a shape.

Problem Solving:  The students work on differentiated problems to practice their problem solving skills.

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