What we are learning in 4MS

The students have recently begun a new Unit of Inquiry. The central idea is “Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity.”  

Learning Intentions:

Subject Last Week Next Week
UOI We understand what erosion and deposition are and can describe how they affect the surface of the earth. We can identify examples of weathering and erosion in our school and around us. We can give examples of physical and chemical weathering.
Literacy We understand what simple, compound and complex sentences are and we can identify them in our writing. We revise our stories to improve our sentence fluency.image image We understand how to check our grammar and edit it in our narrative story. (subject verb agreement , verb tense, punctuation, spelling)
Math We can demonstrate our understanding of division through the use of manipulatives.image  We can make connections between fractions and division.  We can explain fractions in real life.