Updates from 4MS

We had an exciting week with field trips throughout Hanoi to potential world heritage sites.  We also celebrated World Read Aloud Day with our K2 buddies and we finished up our geometry unit.  As part of our final geometry assessment we demonstrated some of our knowledge through designing a shape clubhouse.  Take a look at the videos below to see some highlights of our learning last week.



This years ES Fun Sports Morning is on Friday the 4th of March. The focus of the event is being active and having fun.

Please ensure that students come prepared for the morning with:
– a hat
– a water bottle
– athletic clothing in your child house color (tigers red, lions yellow, buffaloes blue, eagles green)
– appropriate shoes for running
– sunscreen if its hot and sunny

We will commence with a warm-up at 8:30 am and event will run until11:30. We would love to have supporters along for the morning cheering on all the kids and taking lots of photos!