Grade 4 and K2 Architects

Video by Cathie Mathews

Earlier this week, architect Jody O’dea spoke with grade 4 about how geometry applies to the real world. He also spoke with us about the design process that architects go through.

K2 also was visited by Jody because they were learning about shelters in their Unit of Inquiry. They thought about ‘what makes a good shelter’, chose an environment, drew designs and floor plans.

In Maths K2 and Grade 4 have both been learning about shapes. After K2 presented their work, Grade 4 then used a computer program called Sketchup to turn a 2D floor plan into a 3D house.

Ms. Cathie and I were very proud of the wonderful skills we observed. Social skills. Thinking Skills and Communication Skills.



Looking back and looking forward


Subject Last Week Next Week
UOI We researched and understood how our lifestyle choices affect our body. We will synthesis our research and present our understanding.
Literacy We learned the research skill of identifying keywords and the writing skill of note taking.
In reading groups we learned how to use context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words.
We will write an expository text from what we have researched.
Math We identified the angle measurements of polygons and we discovered a rule on the sum of angles in polygons. We will identify symmetrical lines.

The students wrote fantastic poems about snowflakes before the holiday. Please visit theĀ student blogs to read their poems.