Looking back and looking forward

November 30- December 11

Learning Intentions:

Subject Last Week This Week
UOI We understand what the human body systems are and what choices we make which effect them. We will understand how human body systems work and how they rely on each other.
Literacy We published our Memoirs. Please visit our student blogs to read through our memoirs. We are working on the skill of note-taking. We will identify important information in text.

We applied our understanding of data  to collect, organize and represent data in order to plan a party.


 Compare and describe two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes.

The start of I-time

Throughout the year the students have been completing design challenges on a weekly basis. We have called this time Genius Hour. This has been an excellent opportunity for students to learn about problem solving and group work.  An example of some of our challenges have been to build a chair out of cardboard that is designed for Ms. Thao or to use a bottle and a plastic bag to build an air cannon. We are now moving into the phase of giving the students more choice in what projects they work on. We will call this time I-time which stands for Inquiry time.  Have a look at the video below to see what the students have been up to in I-time. This video was created by Ola, Beeke, Hien and James.