Our week in 4MS

This week was full of activities. We had ISA testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Moon Festival on Thursday.  In between all of this we were busy in the classroom with Math, Reading and UOI.

Learning Intentions for September 21-24

Reading:  Good readers think as they read and can express what they are thinking through summarizing, connections, reactions, opinions, predictions, questions and visualization. image

Activities: Write reading response letters in class and for homework. Discuss criteria we are looking for in an effective letter.  Read a partner’s letter and give feedback based on our success criteria.

UOI:  Our identity is expressed in many ways.

Activities: Begin work on the unit’s summative assessment by breaking apart example 6 word memoirs then look through all of the activities we have done in this unit to create our own 6 word memoirs.  Discuss possibilities of how to present  6 word memoirs. Begin working on these presentations.

Math: 1.  Recognize, represent and order numbers to at least tens of thousands

2. Apply place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to at least tens of thousands to assist calculations and solve problems

Activities:  Add landmark numbers to 1,000 book. Find given numbers in 1,000 book. Identify numbers up to 1,000 assessment.  Add and subtract numbers to 1,000 by playing “Changing Places”.  Discuss how to create a 10,000. How many 100s in 10,000? How many 10s? How will we add landmark numbers? Create 10,000 chart as a class.


Updates from 4MS

Our learning intentions for September 7- 18

UOI:   Our identity is expressed in many ways IMG_0090

Learning activities: personal mind maps, look at and define memoiIMG_0102rs, discuss why we tell stories.

Math Numbers can be partitioned, arranged, and regrouped in different ways to calculate and solve problems.

Learning Activities: Group problem solving, find patterns in 1,000 book, Mystery Number, Changing PlacesIMG_0115

Writing: Our personal stories can be communicated powerfully through the use of effective detail.

Learning Activities: Fast Forward, Slow Motion group writing and individual writing, Gathering Seeds, sharing writing examples


Reading:  Being aware of our thinking while reading helps us to better understand what we read. The focus is on connections and questions we have as we read.

Learning Activities: Readers Workshop with a focus on connections and questions with our leveled readers, writing a reading response letter, finding connections and questions to our read aloud, marking connections and questions in our silent reading time.IMG_0098

Important Dates:

Lesson plan for next week


* Our class is the contributing class for the snack sale this Friday so please have your child bring snacks to sell.

* Moon Festival celebration is coming up next week and your child is encouraged to wear an Ao Dai.

* ISA testing will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.


A short but wonderful week

It was lovely to meet many of the 4MS parents at Parent Information Night and then at the Hopes and Dreams conference. I look forward to meeting with the rest of you on Wednesday.

In an effort to keep parents informed about what is happening in Grade 4 we will be using a website called the Grade 4 Learning Space to store helpful information such as Math games that you could play with your children, home reading strategies and information about our UOI. This website can be found here.  We have just begun using this space this year so it still needs some updating.

This week the students have been learning the following.

Math:  The students are continuing to work on number sense and place value. They are also continuing to build up their Math vocabulary. This week the students made 1,000 charts in which they placed landmark numbers.  We then examined how to find numbers using this chart. The students examined questions such as “Is 546 closer to 1 or 1,000? How do you know?” They also played a game called Mystery numbers which is when they are given clues to a particular number and they need to figure out what the number is. This was a great way to build up our math vocabulary for words such as: even, odd, greater than, greatest, hundreds place, digit, sum and units place.

Reading: We are establishing our reading routines for Readers Workshop. The students are able to quietly read a book of choice for 20 minutes and reflect on it in groups.

Writing: This week we began working with our writing notebook. We started by looking at the writing process and we discussed which stage of the process we are currently in. The students are in the pre-writing stage. This week they created personal maps of their homes and made a list of writing topics from that map. They used descriptive details of one chosen event to draft a beginning paragraph about an event.

UOI: We have been inquiring into how our identity is expressed in many ways.  The students are examining the following lines of Inquiry.

Reflecting on our identity allows us to have a deeper self-awareness.

What we create can be a powerful avenue to communicate.WIN_20150904_171501

We make connections through the lense of our identity.

This week the students focused on the first line of inquiry. They have made personal logos. They have also created an art piece called a Mandala in which they incorporate symbols to demonstrate who they are.

PSEL: The students have been learning about the Learner Profile and PYP Attitudes. They completed an activity where they had to decide which PYP attitudes fit with which Learner Profile attributes. Then they made goals about which Learner Profile attribute they feel they do well and which Learner Profile attribute they want to improve. IMG_1111