Fantastic Year

20140612_115031It has been a fantastic year in 5MS.  Students, you have been amazing. Congratulations on moving up to Grade 6. Enjoy Middle School and all the responsibilities and freedom it brings. You are ready for it.  But first, have a wonderful summer.  Here is the “We are From” poem that we created as a class and read at the Moving Up ceremony.



We are from huglandia

chair rocking and Zeinab dancing

from Aubrey’s “modern” art gallery

to coding with Scratch


from familiar black sandals to LT’s whiteboard reminders

We are from the smell of coffee and Xoi

vanilla hand sanitizer and a pomegranate candle

sweaty 5th graders back from PE

and lunches waiting in our stinky box


We are from the sweet candy snacks of H.H.

from pork fat jelly and oily spaghetti at camp

empty forkfuls without chocolate

from the multicultural tastes of UN day


We are from the stomping of footsteps along the hike

from “cool bananas”

to the stupid laughs we have

from “purple monkey dishwasher”

to “silence(french accent)” and “bonzai!”

We are from 5MS