5/5-5/9 Our week in 5 MS

Math: We have been studying various polygons and the features of each polygon. The students filled in the polygon data table by creating various shapes in scratch.mit.edu scratch polygonDSC03967 In order to create the shape, they needed to be able to figure out the exterior angle of the shape. After they created a few shapes they began to make some discoveries about angles.  Emma wrote “Every answer for the ‘total angle sum’ is 360. The number of sides and angles are the same. The number of triangles is always 2 less than the number of sides. To find the measure of the exterior angle you can do this 360/number of sides.”  This is a good example of the type of discoveries the students were making. Click on this link to see an example of a program that the students created. This example was created by Tsugunobu.

This week in math we will be focusing on area, permiter and volume. Last week we began with several challenge questions. This week they will use their knowledge by creating a model of the classroom in Google Sketchup . They will then calculate the area and perimeter of the classroom.

English: The students have begun Literature Circles again. Each student has chosen a book. This week they will have their first Literature circle meetings with their groups.

We have also begun looking at poetry. The students looked at a variety of poems and sorted them into categories. Most students sorted the poems into categories like “descriptive” and “funny”.   They were later given the names of the poetry categories and they then resorted. They had to think about the lines and ryhming patterns of the poem. The students did an excellent job of figuring out what the features were of various poetry types. first sortCapture






UOI: We have begun our new unit “Changes and Choices”.  Last week the students wrote down what they needed to know about the unit.  They also wrote what they are excited about, suggestions they have and what they need to know.  They were also given cards with various changes that boys and girls go through during puberty and they sorted them into changes they thought boys went through and changes they thought girls went through.

This week they will have a session with the PE teachers and counselors to clarify some of their misunderstandings and answer some of their questions.