Our Week in 5MS

Thank you everyone for coming to the Student Led Conferences this week! It was wonderful to see the students showing you their work. They all came to school the next day happy and proud.  Thanks for your patience as we tried this format of Student Led conference for the first time. I realize the timing of the rotation needs adjusting. Thanks for your feedback and I welcome any further feedback.


This week we looked at different types of graphs and their purpose. Using this knowledge we will create surveys next week, use the data to create different graphs (pie, line,) using ratio and then importantly interpret what we understand from the data.

We will also explore using our knowledge of mean, medium and mode.


sorting for blog


In writing workshop we will start a focus on reading non fiction texts for information that will assist us with the exhibition. W

e will also revisit interviewing skills to assist us when formulating questions and asking them during the exhibition. In this picture students are sorting facts from a non fiction text.


The Exhibition is off to a great start. Students are now working in their groups. They have formed essential agreements and have decided on what questions they will start to research. Please check the Exhibition website for more details.

Our Week in 5MS

This week we finished our Persuasion Unit. As a summative assessment the students worked in groups to complete a commercial. This week they completed their commercials, shared them with each other, gave each other feedback and voted on which was the most effective for each product. Below are the 5MS commercials. The students will also post them on their individual blogs along with their reflection. Congratulations to the Glamour Shots group who won best commercial in that category.

  1. Bicycle Advertisement –http://youtu.be/tYn_45_0qho
  2. Boot Camp 4 kids – http://youtu.be/uGaGpbb3bas
  3. Canteen food for Home lunch bringers –http://youtu.be/VKPABYKVsjs
  4. Glamour shots for Men –http://youtu.be/NTNAkTP3_f8
  5. Hip Hop for Grannies – http://youtu.be/GzctcdOxUYw
  6. Skateboarding for moms – http://youtu.be/zSScK1qDpPY

Here is the checklist of requirements for this assessment. Commercial rubric

This coming week the students are beginning the Exhibition. We will spend this week looking at different  issues  and investigating various perspectives on the issues.  By the end of the week students will have chosen their top three issues that they would like to inquire into and we will place them in a group accordingly. Please keep up to date by reading the Exhibition Website.