Our Week in 5MS

Because of Tet we had a short week, only three days of school. Below is what the students were up to this week.

UOI: In UOI students were introduced to Advertising Campaigns. We looked at some of the subtle ways that companies market to them such as trying to get a celebrity to use their product or by getting a video to go viral. We analyzed the toy craze for “Tickle Me Elmo” from years ago and discussed more recent examples. Students then created their own campaign for how they would try to create a toy craze. For homework this week students were asked to find an advertisement of their choice and analyze it using PAPAMS. Product, Audience, Purpose, Advertising Technique, Media Type and Stereotyping. Please click on the link to their blogs above to see what they found.DSC00950

Writing: Students continued to learn about persuasive writing. This week we looked at how to organize a persuasive speech. Students practiced this by choosing a fruit and then writing an election speech which tried to persuade the class to vote for them. The students did an excellent job and were very convincing. The winner of the election was Tra My, the apple!

Reading: Students continued Lit. Circles on Monday but then we stopped for the rest of the week because we had a large number of students out. We will continue Lit. Circles as normal next week.

PSEL: We looked out how motivation increases how well the students can concentrate which increases their understanding. We have been focusing on being self motivated this week.

Math: The students have begun to convert fractions to decimals. We practiced this by making a connection between fractions and music. Students discussed 1/2 , 1/4 and 1/8 beats.  They tried coding the beats into Scratch which required them to convert the fractions into decimals.  They then had to figure out how many times to play each beat to make it equal 1. For example they converted a quarter beat to .25 and then played the beat four times. The students quickly understood how to change a fraction into decimals and then could hear how they sounded together. Once the students understood this concept they then copied a song with several quarter, half and sixteen notes. The next day then coded their own original creations using the concepts we learned earlier.

DSC00933DSC00951Listen to Jeong Min’s creation




Dangerous Sugar

Emma’s Hot Topic

My hot topic is about sugar. I chose sugar because most people know that if you eat too much sugar it isn’t good but they don’t know that you might get serious problems. Not everyone knows that an average American kid eats more than 20 teaspoons of sugar per day, and adults eat 50% more sugar than in the 1970’s.Hundreds and Thousands ~ Explored #91
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Theen Moy via Compfight

This is the link for the website: http://www.timeforkids.com/news/danger-dessert/99091

I have few questions:

  1. What do you think is the worst thing that can happen?
  2. Why do you think people eat more sugar now than in 1970’s?
  3. Why do people put more sugar on everything?
  4. What do you think about sugar now?
  5. Will you eat less sugar?
  6. Will you be more careful about sugar?



The Polar Vortex

Great Lakes in Sunglint (NASA, International Space Station, 06/14/12)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via Compfight

Hong Hai’s Hot Topic


Hi, I am Hong Hai, and I noticed some on the news today, it was about a polar vortex covering the US, with the temperature dropping below 0 degrees. They have said that that this the lowest temperatures ever in 2 decades, which is a large amount of time. The polar vortex was created of global warming, making the North Pole to melt, and making the air around freezing cold. There has also been massive snowstorm happening in this time of year, while this is progressing, and getting stronger every now and then.

– Should we start to be afraid global warming and what will happen if this keeps continuing?

– What will happen if this is going to spread around the world?

– Do you think you are causing a lot of global warming?

– Do you have any ideas to help?

Thanks for reading     -HH



This week in 5MS

Interview with Leo by Ms. Mindy


Lets talk about this week so that parents know what we have been up to.

What have we been doing in Math?

We have been doing fractions. We played this game called Fraction Tracks where you pick a card and whatever fraction that is you add it to the other fractions to try to equal one whole. When you get to one whole you get a point.

What have we been learning in UOI?

We looked through magazines and cut out the advertisements that pulled us in. We then analyzed it using PAPAMS (Product, Audience, Purpose, Media type, Stereotyping).  DSC00913

What have we been up to in English?

We have started Lit. Circles. Everyone got to say which books they wanted to read. Then they were put in groups and came up with agreements for Lit. Circle time. 

We have been doing persuasive writing. We had to write good arguments like why should we have free time or why should violent video games be banned. 







Note: Today will be Leo’s last day. He is moving back to Australia. We will all really miss him and we wish him all the best.


Tell me what was your favorite thing about Grade 5 this year at UNIS?

Having new friends and the subjects and all of my teachers and the people that supported me.

What is your favorite memory?

First coming to UNIS. Everyone was very kind and they helped me around and showed me everything.

How long have you been at UNIS?

Three and a half years.

What are you most looking forward to about your next adventure?

My new home and I will have a pet again. I will meet new friends and see my old friends there.

What is the coolest thing about Australia?

All the animals like Koala’s and Kangaroos.

Do you have any departing messages for the class?

Thanks for being my friends and helping me around.

Anything else you want to add to tell the class?

I will miss you. I will miss everyone.

Leo’s Hot Topic

baseball for baby bob
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ryan via Compfight

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriquez has been suspended from the 2014 baseball season. He’s suspended because he’s suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. He will lose $22 million of his $25 million salary.


1. Do you think using performance enhancing drugs is wrong?
2. Do you think it’s fair that he is suspended when he’s only suspected of using drugs?
3. Do you think it’s fair to take away $22 million away from his $25 million salary?
4. Do you think baseball players are paid too much?

This week in 5MS

PSEL: We have spent time this week reflecting on the goals that we set at the beginning of the year and setting new goals for the rest of this year.

UOI: We have begun our new unit on persuasion. The central idea is media can influence and alter our perceptions and choices.

Math: This week we have been focusing on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. The students have learned several methods to do this. They are beginning to demonstrate an understanding of equivalent fractions and can use them to add, subtract and simplify fractions.

Reading and Writing: We have begun Hatchet as a new read aloud book. We are also reading persuasive texts and identifying persuasive strategies that authors use. Students have practiced writing their own persuasive arguments. We also had a special time to share the students published narrative stories with 5JH. The students sat with a group of students of 5JH and 5MS students and each took turns sharing their story. Each student’s story is also published in our class book. Please see the link below.

Tet Bag Appeal


We would greatly appreciate if you could donate some items to a family in need during Tet this year. Each class in the ES will be collecting items to go into a basket for a disadvantaged family living on the Red River. Please sign up with your child’s name for which item/s your family would like to donate here. Then please bring the item/s in to school by Wednesday January 22nd. The baskets will be assembled and delivered the week before the Tet holiday with a personalized message from your class.


Thank you for your support,


Tet Bag Appeal Committee

Hot Topic by Tra My


Have you noticed that you are surrounded with people that are addicted to something? We all know that some of us here have bad habits like: playing games to often and forgetting all the things around you or drinking something that you know is bad for you and you still can’t get enough of it that is addiction. Some types of addictions are bad for your body like when you’re playing games on your computer and then you get glasses, now you are affecting your eyes. When you’re smoking cigarettes, it will affect your lungs. Just keep a note that doing something to much isn’t always good, it will at least make you feel sick or tired most of the time especially when you just stopped with what you’re doing.









This is a link that you could find about addiction:
I have some questions for you:
In your opinion, what is the most dangerous type of addiction that could lead to serious life problems?
Do you think you should be more careful to people around you that are addicted to drugs and then they ask you to join them with a cigarette? What would you do if a person actually does that?
Can you think of any solutions for a person that is addicted to video games?
Tra My