This week in 5MS

Math: We continued investigating into fractions. We came up with statements of understanding when comparing fractions. For example; “If both denominators are equal then the fraction with the larger numerator is higher in value.” “The closer that the numerator and denominator are together, the closer the fraction is to a whole.” We also practiced making equivalent fractions.

Writing: We published our narrative story.

Reading: In reading we finished our Lit. Circle book and had our end of the book discussion.

UOI: In UOI we had the Living Migration Museum in which we told the story of an immigrant who we interviewed. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event succesful. Thank you for arranging interviews and for being interviewed.  Also thank you for those of you who could make it to see the museum. It was a powerful learning experience for the kids and adults as well.

Have a wonderful break everyone!



Hot Topic by An

       Violent games DO alter your brain -and the effect is visible in MRI scans in just a week

Hi I am I and this weeks hot topic is about video games and how it would affect your brain. I chose this hot topic to let people know that the Violent video games does effect your brains.

Here is the link to the page:–effect-visible-MRI-scans-just-week.html


Here are some of my questions:

  1. How does it affect your brain?
  2. Will it make you think of violence all the time?
  3. Should kids under 12 be able play?
  4. Can you not get addicted?
  5. After your brain gets altered can you get out it?

Our Week in 5MS

Interview of Quynh by Linh Trang

How do you feel about Grade 5 so far?

I think it is very fun but there are some boring parts.

What have you learned in Math recently?

Well right now we are learning about equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals. You don’t want to forget about the decimals.

What are you doing in English?

Well I am reading Parvana’s Journey and doing Lit. Circle job roles.

What about your narrative?

We are writing a story that is 3 pages max. We have to write a story in 12 size font.  Mine is about an autistic girl who is reflection on her life as she is in a coma.

What happened to her?

Oh she dies young but reflects back on how her life was.

What is your current UOI?

My current UOI subject is “On the Move.” It is about  human migration.

How was your week?

My week was wonderful. I got sick though.

 Notes from Ms. Mindy:

Thank you to everyone for contributing to the school book sale. Our class donated a total of 588 books!  This week the students were rewarded by getting to choose a brand new book.  One of the book sale organizers thanked the class and explained that they were a big part of making the book sale so successful. She explained that because of the book sale they will be able to give a local school their own library. I am very proud of the students for taking action that helps others.








Thank you to everyone who came to our Math morning in 5MS.  Below is a video from the morning.

Hot Topic by Quynh

What’s in our chicken nuggets?

Researchers recently found that chicken nuggets barely have any chicken in them and the nuggets are filled with many other ingredients and chemicals that do not even relate to chicken.

McDonalds for example puts 40 ingredients in their chicken nuggets. Some researchers found some chicken nuggets have the same ingredient they use to make silly putty. “Mmmmm… silly putty”. “Enjoy! All yours!” The following restaurants are examples of fast food joints with pure old fashion chicken. McDonalds’s nuggets have 40 ingredients, Burger King’s chicken nuggets have 32 ingredients in them, Chick-Fill-A’s nuggets have 30 ingredients and finally Wendy’s chicken nuggets have 30 ingredients in them.

My Questions:

1. Why do you think fast food restaurants don’t use quality chicken?

2. When did you think they started doing this to chicken?

3. What is your opinion on this dramatic change to fast food?

4. What do you think this does to a human’s health? To see what it does watch “supersize me” on you tube.

5. Would you be willing to pay more money for better quality chicken nuggets?

6. How did you react when you learned this about chicken nuggets?

The link to the article.

Hot Topic by Linh Trang

I chose this hot topic because I have a lot of interest in the world and I really care about the environment. To hear about natural disasters happening really makes me sad.

Please read this article for information about the tornado:

  1. Did the citizens know that the thunderstorm was going to happen beforehand?
  2. Why do you think Illinois was hit the hardest?
  3. How do you think the people reacted when the typhoon hit?
  4. If this happens again, do you think the situation would be worse?

Share your ideas by commenting on this hot topic. Make sure to use the correct vocabulary and punctuation.


Linh Trang