Aryan’s Hot Topic

I know that many people in the world especially kids favorite festival is HALLOWEEN so let`s talk about Halloween. So Halloween started way early in British and it started 2000 years ago. When a group of people called Celts lived there. At the last day of October they celebrated the end of the harvest and had a holiday called Samhien. The Celts believed that ghost came on Samhien and killed crops. The Celts kept the food out of there house so that the ghost would feel happy. They wore costumes to celebrate the holiday. October 31 was all hallows eve day the name got short to Halloween And that`s Halloween was made.

But I have some questions about this…

  • Why did the Celts think that ghosts came on Samhien day?
  • Why did they do it on the end of October?
  • Why would they put the food outside to make the ghosts happy?

For more information please go on these sites:

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Aryan Singh

Writing this week

This week students will be writing a story in class and for homework.  Normally students write their first copy on paper but for this story they are allowed to use computers throughout the writing process. The first copy will be due on Wednesday. The maximum length is 3 pages-12 font. As a class we came up with success criteria. We based this criteria on what we have been focusing on lately in writing. The criteria is listed below.

Our good story will have:

An introduction which:

  • Grabs the reader’s attention
  • Makes the reader want to keep reading
  • Makes the reader curious (little hints)
  • Introduces the character, setting and problem

Rising action


An interesting plot

Has the entire story arc

An ending which:

*explains the falling action

* doesn’t wimp out

* resolves the problem

Answer 2 questions:

  1. Is the main character powerful or powerless at the beginning and end?
  2. What is the characters deepest wish? Do they achieve it?

This week and next in 5MS

An Interview with Aryan by An


Hi Aryan, How are you?


So how was your week in 5MS


Was there anything special that happened this week in English?

-Yes we started Literature Circles in reading. We are reading The Breadwinner. Lit. Circles is jobs where you read a book and do your job roles like Connector and Discussion Leader. You then share your job role with your group.

From what I heard there was also a special guest who came in.

-Yeah, Miss Gail.

Is she a special author or something? 

– I have never read her books so I don’t really know. She explained how to get ideas for a story. She also showed us how to use a plot diagram to make sure we developed our story and she said to not sell your ending.

After that time with her, what do you think youwill improve in your writing skills?

-I will make interesting stories.

When I heard the words interesting stories from you, I think about your UOI about Migration. There is really some interesting stories in there. Can you tell me some?

-In music we learned about the slave trade from when people were taken from Africa to other countries like America. The Africans had  secret places where they played Jazz and Blues.

What else have we learned in UOI this week?

-We learned about the PYP words (Key Concepts) and how they relate to migration. We also learned how to do an interview, like this. 

So tell me how do you have a good interview?

-You ask follow up questions. So if you have a question you go beyond it with the next question, looking for more information.

How about in Math, what have you done this week?

– We have been learning how we can do division problems using different strategies.  We have had some extension challenging questions while other kids are working in help groups on what they want help in.

Well thank you, that was a great interview, Aryan. Bye



Math: Next week students will begin a new unit on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. The school will be holding a Math coffee morning in which you are welcome to come observe part of a math lesson. The date and time for this  is Thursday, December 5th more details will be in this weeks Tin Tuc.

UOI: Students will rotate through all four grade 5 classes and hear a different story about a particular immigrant. They will practice interview skills and synthesizing information. The “Living Museum” will be explained to the kids and they should start thinking about who of their family members they would like to interview. For more information on this please refer to the Grade 5 general blog.

Literacy/English: Students are learning about each job role for Literature Circles and will continue to practice those next week. They will also be writing a narrative story. They will have writing homework for this next week.





Super Typhoon Slams Philippines

A super typhoon called “Megi” (also known as Haiyan) hits Philippines. It left a lot of destruction and damage. About 10,000 people died caused by the typhoon.  Almost a whole city was destroyed.

I chose this topic because I’m interested about how will the people living in Philippines react to this problem.  Would they move somewhere else where is more safe?

If you want to know more about the Megi typhoon, please read this article.

Here are my questions about this super typhoon:

  • How was this typhoon made?
  • Did this typhoon affect countries than Philippines?
  • Did Philippines know about this before it hit?
  • Will other countries help Philippines?
  • How will the citizens be evacuated?

Please share your ideas by commenting. Remember to use the right vocabulary and punctuation.



Our Week in 5MS

Thank you to everyone who came to our “Electricity Movement” performance. The kids really enjoyed having an audience. If you would like to see their  performance again please check out their individual blogs. They will each link a video of their performance.

 Below is a short explanation of what we are doing this week and next in 5MS.


Linking feelings to literature and our Unit of Inquiry: On The Move

 Students are working on identifying feelings in real life and the ways that this can help them in social interaction

Next we will think about a move you have made or if you had to move what feelings would be encountered.


Solve problems involving division by a one and two digit number, including those that result in a remainder.

Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

Look for and make use of structure

Speed of division fact recall

Division clusters

Using the multiplication relationship to assist in answering division

Learning new strategies to understand and answer division equations


Continue to work on writing personal stories using drafting and editing skills (spelling and sentence structure).

While reading various UOI related books students practiced the important skills of note taking, summarizing and synthesizing.

Unit of Inquiry

  This week we have been tuning in to our new unit “On the Move”.

The central idea being, “Humans migrate for many reasons, which results in changes to themselves as well as the local population”.

We have discussed the word maps and how we connect to them realising people move around the world for a variety of reasons.

Next week we will classify these reasons into “push” and “pull” factors.

A Devastating Earthquake

A strong earthquake in Pakistan left a path of destruction and the Earthquake created huge damages and about 356 people died. Most of the handmade houses that were built with dirt and bricks were collapsed.

And if you want to know more about it, please read the article:

I have some questions…

l  Why did the Earthquake happen so suddenly?

l  Did other countries that were near Pakistan have any of the problems?

l  I heard that in Pakistan there are a lot of Earthquakes and if a lot of people dies, then would Pakistan have less population then other countries?

l  How will the people in Pakistan evacuate?

Please share your ideas by commenting and please respond to it. And remember to use the right vocabulary and correct punctuation.


Jeong Min

Our Week in 5MS

UOI: Students are finishing our study of electricity.  Students worked in groups to plan a short demonstration of one aspect of electricity using movement. Each group wrote a script and choreographed their movements. They will then perform their understanding this Thursday from 10:10-10:40 in the Theater.

Students also used their knowledge of electricity to design their own toy. Please see students blogs to read their personal reflection on this activity. The student blogs can be found by clicking on the “Student Blog” link above and then clicking on your child’s name.

Math: This week students have been reviewing our “Number” unit. Students were given an assessment which assessed the various skills and understanding from our current math unit . They then reviewed the assessment and used it to decide which math skills they need to practice.  Ms. Thao and myself then worked with students, giving them lessons to reinforce the math skill that they needed support with. Students used the Number Review wiki to practice their skills. We will be adding to this wiki in the near future. Feel free to use it at home.

Literacy/English: Last week students worked on revising a writing piece of their choice. This week students edited and published it. First they practiced using the UNIS editing code  on sample work. Then they used the code to peer and self edit our work. After that they typed up a final copy, found pictures and published the writing on our blog. Please check the student blog to see their published work.

Looking Ahead:

UOI: We will begin a new unit called “On the Move”  The Central Idea is: “Humans migrate for many reasons, which results in changes to themselves as well as the local population.”  This is great for our students to begin to understand both their lives and the world around them and how it is effected through movement. Their first homework assignment will be to look at a map with their parents and highlight countries which they have any connection to. We will use this as a discussion point.

Literacy/English: While reading various UOI related books students will get practice in the important skills of note taking, summarizing and synthesizing.

Math: Students are beginning a new unit in Math which will cover the following benchmarks. The following benchmarks are a minimum of what we hope your child will know by the end of the unit. Some students will move beyond this.

* Solve problems involving division by a one digit number, including those that result in a remainder

  • Compare and order common unit fractions and locate and represent them on a number line
  • Investigate strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator
  • Recognise that the place value system can be extended beyond hundredths
  • Compare, order and represent decimals
  • Describe, continue and create patterns with fractions, decimals and whole numbers resulting from addition and subtraction