Exploring Electricity

This week we began a new unit of Inquiry “Investigating Electricity”. The central idea is “Electricity is a form of energy which can be produced from and transformed into different forms of energy.”  To start the inquiry students all wrote down what they knew and wondered about electricity. Then they went on “electricity hunts” around the classroom, searching for sources of electricity at school.  The next day students had a chance to explore. They used various pieces of electrical equipment to see if they could light a bulb. Students went further by lighting two bulbs, making a motor spin, making a buzzer buzz and making all three components work together.  It was an exciting start to our new unit!

Reading Response Homework

Each night students are expected to read for 20 minutes. Every week they will then turn in a letter to me about what they have read. I will then read this letter and respond to it. This week the students will begin turning in their weekly reading response (letter). Each student was told last week which day of the week will be their assigned day to turn in their reading response. These days will stay the same throughout the year. The students are assigned the following days.

Tuesday:  Maiju, Hong Hai, Truc Anh, Massi, Jeong Min

Wednesday: Linh Trang, Tra My, Viet, Zeinab, Aryan

Thursday: Leo, Ayumu, Kilyann, Emma, Min Kyu

Friday: Frances, Etoile, An, Quynh, Griffin, Tsugu