Math Challenge

A focus this year in Math will be for students to move beyond calculating equations to understand how and why they came up with an answer. To help with this, we have been teaching students a variety of problem solving techniques such as “find a pattern” and “draw a diagram” We have encouraged them to demonstrate their thinking by using the acronym SKATER (see image below).  Next week, September 9- 13 students will begin completing a weekly Math Challenge homework assignment. They will be given a Math problem at the beginning of the week. They will need to demonstrate their thinking and reflect on their answer. On Thursday students will have a help group available if they want to work with other students to get help on the problem. Then on Friday they will turn their answer in. The Math Challenge will be graded using the following SKATER rubric.

PYP Learner Profile

The students have been learning about the type of person we are trying to develop at UNIS. At UNIS we strive to develop students who eximplify the PYP Learner Profile.  After studying the Learner Profile the students worked in groups to create a comic explaining one charecteristics of the Learner Profile. On Friday several students from our class as well as students from other 5th grade classes presented their work to the rest of the Elementary school at the assembly. They did a great job of helping to teach the younger students about the PYP Learner Profile.

Writers Workshop

This year 5th grade students will participate in Writers Workshop. The main components of Writers Workshop are

* Writing Mini-lesson with the whole class

* Independent writing time

*regular student/teacher writing conferences

*regular time to share writing with the class

* “publishing” several student chosen writing pieces

This will mean that students have regular set writing time, focused writing lessons and regular writing conferences with me as their teacher.  The writing lessons are developed around students writing needs. During writing conferences we decide on writing goals and develop plans for achieving the goals.  The students will have time to choose what they would like to write about. At other times they will be given set writing assignments. This week we have begun to prepare for Writers Workshop. We began by brainstorming a list of possible topics to write about. Students then drew maps of  thier homes and other important places to them.  After sharing these maps they discussed possible stories that these maps could inspire. This activity helped students understand that their lives are full of stories waiting to be written about.

The Ideal Class

In 5MS we started off the year by discussing what an ideal class would be like. We first thought about what an ideal teacher would act like and then we talked about an ideal student and finally an ideal classroom environment. After discussing and reflecting on our ideas we then came up with five goals we will each make this year in order to make our classroom as ideal as possible. Once we each made our individual goals we then decided on five classroom agreements. We are off to a great start.