Some of you may be able to relate to the following poem. Read the following. What does this make you think of? What connections do you have with the poem? What differences do you have with this author? 

Colors by Whitni Thomas, MK (1991)

I grew up in a Yellow country But my parents are Blue. I’m Blue. Or at least, that is what they told me.
But I play with the Yellows. I went to school with the Yellows. I spoke the Yellow language. I even dressed and appeared to be Yellow. Then I moved to the Blue land. Now I go to school with the Blues. I speak the Blue language. I even dress and look Blue. But deep down, inside me, something’s Yellow. I love the Blue country. But my ways are tinted with Yellow. When I am in the Blue land, I want to be Yellow. When I am in the Yellow land, I want to be Blue. Why can’t I be both? A place where I can be me. A place where I can be green. I just want to be green.

Minecraft in School

Some of you will find this VERY interesting and may want to try to persuade your families to move to Sweden because of it! How do you feel about this? Do you think there is educational value to video games? There are definitely different perspectives on the effects of video games (both good and bad effects). What do you think? Do you think this is a good use of school time? Can video games be good for us? What do you think about this?