Half of the World’s Food is Wasted

Watch the following video.

Then read this related article.


Now examine this issue using 4 different lenses. Write a response to the video by looking through each of the following lenses. You don’t need to answer all of the following questions. Use them to help you get started.
1. Nature: How is food waste related to nature? How does nature affect food waste? How does food waste effect nature?
2. Economy: How is food waste related to economy? How is food waste affected by economy? How is economy affected by it?
3. Society: How is food waste related to society? How is society affected by food waste? How does food waste affect a society?
4. Well Being: How is food waste affected by Peoples well being? How are peoples well being affected by food waste?

Advertisements in Video Games continued

Here are a few different viewpoints on advertisements in video games. Read though them and answer the following questions.

1.Which blog perspective do you agree with most? Why?

2. How has your perspective changed, if at all?

3. Why does this issue matter to you?

Blog # 1

I don’t know if advertising in video games is a good idea. I like to play video games especially ones that seem real but having a chocolate bar ad or the name of my favourite clothing company might distract me from playing the game. Games that have lots of action are better than ones that don’t. Somebody might also think that advertising will help to lower the costs but I have never found that to be true. It’s a rip-off to pay $75.00 for a game. My other reason for not having advertising in video games is because the ads might make you want to buy something that you wouldn’t normally buy. This can get expensive. So don’t buy video games that have advertising!

Blog # 2

In order to protect our children, it is important to fight against any kind of advertising finding its way into video games. Firstly, the products could be inappropriate for the age of the children playing the game. Right now, it is hard enough to monitor what children see on t.v. without having to also monitor what they see in the video games they play. Secondly, children naturally want to buy what they see being advertised. Products like junk food are especially bad for our children’s well-being according to family doctors across the country. Finally, it would be helpful to know who is making money off the advertising because video games still cost between $50.00-$75.00 each. Let’s work together to put an end to in-game advertising. Now more than ever, it’s our duty to protect our children.

Blog # 3

Who says advertising in video games is bad? What harm is a pop can sitting on a table or the name of a sports company on the boards at a hockey game? Advertising in video games should be seen as beneficial for everyone – advertisers, game creators, and gamers alike! In-game advertising helps the game designers. Advertising dollars mean games can be more creative, better designed and cheaper to buy. Who can argue with that? Furthermore, in-game advertising makes a video game seem more realistic, according to Sean Peters, who is a game designer. In real life, products, logos, and brand names are all around us doing no harm. Finally, in a survey of almost 4000 gamers, 73% of them found nothing offensive about in-game advertising. Fourthousand gamers can’t be wrong! In-game advertising should be allowed. It not only helps to reduce costs but it makes gaming better for everyone!

Blog # 4

I think video games are great especially the ones that are very realistic like the sports games. You even sometimes see ads along the boards like when you watch a hockey game or a basket ball game on t.v. I don’t mind seeing the ads in the video games or at the arena. I think they make the video game seem more realistic. And I think I read somewhere that the ads make the games cheaper. I like the sound of that too. Right now I think games are a little too expensive. What do you think? My favourite game cost me $65.00. That is a lot of money for a game that I figured out in one day. What are your favourite games? Do they cost a lot of money too?