Salad Spinning and learning about height


How much sleep do we really need?

As is turns out it varies at different stages of our lives. The National Sleep Foundation (USA) has updated their sleep duration recommendations. Have a look at the chart and compare the actual amount of sleep you and your family members are getting per night and the recommendations.

As we are settling into the rhythms and routines of the school year it’s important to remember that having enough rest is one key ingredient to being ready for the day. The National Sleep Foundation has the following recommendations for preschool and Elementary school age children.


     Maintain a regular and consistent sleep schedule

     Follow-through with a bedtime routine every night

     The child should have the same sleeping environment every night. It should be cool, quiet and dark and without a TV

     Watch for difficulty breathing, unusual nighttime awakenings, chronic sleep problems, and behavioral problems during the day.

School Age Children

  Introduce healthy sleep habits, disease prevention, and health promotion

 Continue to emphasize the need for a regular and consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routine

    The child’s bedroom should be conducive to sleep: dark, cool and quiet. TV’s and computers should be off and out of the bedroom

    Set limits

    Avoid caffeine

    Watch for signs of chronic difficulty sleeping, loud snoring, difficulty breathing, unusual nighttime awakenings and frequent daytime sleepiness.

In addition to a good night’s sleep there are other things that we can do to help our children be ready for school. Other healthy habits to foster are starting the day with a healthy breakfast, eating healthy throughout the day, regular exercise, and limiting screen time. Remember that you are a role model for your children and they want to imitate the behaviors they see from you.

Please contact Kris Bezzerides (D-G2 Counselor) with questions


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The children this week explored color mixing with a salad spinner. We explored a variety of different colours and talked about what colours were made when we added and changed different colours. You can see more here.


This week we also looked at how tall we were. We explored tall and short and talked about how we have grown as well as what we need to grow and to look after ourselves. We learnt that Sebi and Soma are the shortest in our class and Yuna is the tallest. You can see more here


This week we talked as a group about rules in the playground and what we need to do to keep safe while playing. Here are some of the children’s replies.

Sebi-We have to be careful

Thomas-We don’t want to run in front of our friends to crash into the bikes

Noah T-No pushing in the playground

Yuna-No running in front of kids riding their bikes

Hannah-No hitting

Mimi- No fighting

Noah T- I like to ride very fast

An-I like swings

Noah K-We be nice to our friends

Sebi- and we give them a hug when they are safe

Taksh-We have to walk


Mina- Sharing

Eden-No fighting and sharing our toys

Thanks to everyone who attended parent conferences. It was great to connect and discuss your child’s learning with you. Please remember that I am only an email away if you have anything to discuss.

To continue our understandings of who we are and how our identities change as we grow, Could you please email me your child’s birth length. We would like to compare this with the children’s heights now and to discuss the changes.

Please remember that there is no school next week, due to school holidays. 

Have a great break

Ms L




Global Goals Week is an annual week of action, awareness and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the STGs or Global Goals) It is a collective effort of governments, individuals, businesses and international organisations designed to build momentum to achieve the Global Goals and ensure no one is left behind. At UNIS, all grade levels have been recognising this week in a range of ways. In Discovery we have focused on Goals 12 and 16. At the heart of these goals is responsibility, kindness and fairness. These are big ideas for us throughout the Discovery year.



One way we are learning to be responsible for our consumption is by taking care of resources so that we create less waste. For example, the children are learning to treat books with care, put lids on pens, use paper only as needed and serve themselves only the food they can eat.


Discovery students are learning to resolve conflicts respectfully and play fairly. Goal 16 also connects nicely to the PYP Learner Profile, ‘Principled’. This week, we read the book, ‘Stick and Stone’, a book about friendship, supporting others and standing up for what is right. The children acted out social scenarios using a stick, a stone and a pine cone (the characters in the story). This helps to externalise difficult situations and practise the vocabulary that is useful in respectful play.

Thank you for supporting the idea of ‘Nude Food’ – food that does not come in any packaging. Here are just a few examples of the nude food snacks we have seen in Discovery:

And finally, here are a few more PHOTOS OF OUR WEEK.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for Parent Teacher Conferences. (No school for students)

Ms L

Moon Festival

This week we celebrated the Moon Festival at UNIS. It was wonderful to see almost all the children in their beautiful Ao Dai’s. As part of the celebration, they painted masks, enjoyed a special snack, went to see the Moon Festival assembly and even made their own moon cakes. Here are some photos



Today was the International Day of Peace. It is a great way to start our reflective thinking ready for next week which will be Global Goals week. What does peace day mean to a three-year-old? We used the story, ‘Stick and Stone’ as a starting point to talk about friendship and kindness in our classroom setting. We will share more next week!


24th-28th September: Global Goals week

28th September (and every day if you can!): ‘Nude Food Day’ click for more information

1st Oct: Parent Teacher Conferences (No school for students)

6th Oct – 14th Oct inclusive: Autumn Break – No School

Have a wonderful weekend

Ms L

Tidying up!!!



This week we have been exploring how to look after our classroom, especially at tidy up time. I first asked the children  WHY DO WE NEED TO TIDY UP? and this was some of their responses…

Sebi- Because we have to eat lunch… oh my goodness we have to tidy this (pointing to the mess on the floor)

Noah T-Because somebody poured it out

Eden-Because the dominos is messy and there is a mess

Yuna-Because we loose all of our toys. If we step on it it will hurt our feet

Noah K- I don’t know

Taksh-Because some of the pieces will get lost

Emily-The people will get all of the children’s toys

Mina-Sooooo many kids made it messy

Kwazii-nods his head

Soma- points to the basket of toys on the floor and says Ms. Laura

An-This is mess

Mici- begins to put toys away while I am asking the question

Here are some examples of us cleaning up during the day. Perhaps you could discuss with your child why tidying up is important and what happens if we don’t clean up our classrooms, our houses or even our environment! As you can see by the photos the children are working hard on cleaning up and are beginning to develop their own theories for why it is important.

By learning to tidy children learn to value their environment, sort, classify and match objects as well as work cooperatively together.


I am still needing a family and baby photo from An, Emily and a baby photo from Kwazii, please. You can send it to my email.


17th September: Snack Sale (send 20,000vnd)

20th September: Moon Festival (Please can children wear Ao Dai’s to school on this day.)

1st October: Parent-Teacher Conferences, No school for students

Have a great weekend

Ms L!!







This week we attended our first assembly. This happened in the theater, so it was an excursion just to get there!! Throughout the assembly, teachers kept commenting on how amazing the Discovery children were sitting so attentively and listening so well to the presenters on stage. It really made me proud to see how well the children are adapting to the UNIS way of life. Lots of things happened in assembly. First Grade 1 talked to us about their learning. They are learning about systems and how we need different types of systems in society to function. They showed us examples of what would happen if we did not put our shoes away, or if we did not put our rubbish away, or if we all talked at the same time. Perhaps you and your child can talk about the different systems you have at home and what would happen if you did not have this system in place. What would happen in your house if the rules were not followed?

Birthdays were also called out and I was so surprised how well our children did standing up on stage in front of the whole lower elementary school. What confidence !!!

Here are some pictures


This week we looked at our baby photos. We played a game where each child had a turn choosing a baby photo and we all had to guess who the baby was. We also talked about what we could do when we were babies and how we have grown and the things that we can do now. (This relates to our pyp central idea of identities change as we grow) I have added the baby photos here perhaps you and your child can guess who’s baby photo belongs to who.

We did this activity in the afternoon so half day children are missing, but we will go over this again next week

Here are the photos


We also had a very special trip to the Grade 6 science lab. They have hatched some ducks and we were allowed to visit them. The children were very excited to touch and to help feed the ducks. Lots of questions were ignited around the concept of the mummy duck and where she was. The grade 6 children explained to the discovery children that they were now the mummies and they were looking after the eggs and the baby ducks to make sure that they are well looked after. Here are some photos and videos of this experience.


Thanks for coming to back to school night. We really appreciate your understanding and kindness last night. If you did not manage to come I have added the link here for you and please email me any questions/ comments or concerns at any time I am only an email message away.

One important message that was shared was regarding drop off from next week. Children will stay outside the classroom when they arrive at school and play in the playground until the bell goes. Please be sure to pass your child over to one of us when you drop them off in the playground, this will ensure we know who is here

Here is our Back to School Night Presentation


17th September: Snack Sale (send 20,000vnd)

20th September: Moon Festival (Please can children wear Ao Dai’s to school on this day.)

1st October: Parent Teacher Conferences, No school for student

Have a great weekend

Ms L!!

Beginning of our Unit

This week we began to look at our first unit. This unit is called Who we are and it looks at the Central idea of Identities change as we grow.

Family Photos

To begin we first talked about our families. We were so excited to talk to our friends about our families and we were all so brave to stand up in front of the class. Some of us had a lot to say about our families and some were able to point too and name their family members. I find it very hard to talk in front of a large group so the children amazed me with their courage and bravery.

Please if you have not sent a photo for your child please do so. Here are some photos of us presenting. 

Self Portrait 

We also made our first self-portrait. The children were asked to look in to the mirror and talk about what they could see. They then were asked to draw their own faces and write their name. Even though most of the names are not recognisable at the moment each child was able to represent their name in their own way. I will also add pictures to their see-saw blog, but here are some pictures of us involved in looking at ourselves.


We also had our first session of buddies this week. Grade 2 came to visit and we each showed our buddy what we liked to do. Here are some photos

I will be away on Friday the 7th of Sep and Ms Mai will be in charge if you need anything!


Have a great long weekend..

See you on Tuesday!!!

Developing relationships

This has been a great first full week, although we have had some very tired children.

It is usual for the children at the start of the year to be involved in parallel play. This is where the children play beside each other, but during this week the children have really been getting to know each other and have begun to play and interact with new friends in Discovery A and B.

Relationships are an integral part of our day in Discovery. Te Whariki Principal 4, Relationships states: that children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things. Here are some photos of us beginning to explore and inviting different interactions with both friends and objects in our environment.

We have also had our first week of specials. This has meant that we have gone to music, library, p.e, and art. The children have loved being involved in activities with new teachers. We have also been learning how to line up and stay in a line… …which is a very very difficult concept to grasp but we have done really well on this. We also experienced our first fire evacuation drill and did so well, that the grade 5 teachers even commented on how great we did!!!  Here are some photos of us involved in our specials.


30th August: Student Photo Day

3rd September: No School

6th September: Back to School Night 6-8pm

20th September: Moon Festival (Please can children wear Ao Dai’s to school on this day.)

Lastly please remember your family photos and baby photos. Also please sign up for seesaw (which is your child’s personal blog) so you can also see what they are up to. You can also add family members on to this so grandparents and other family members can also see what is happening in the classroom.

Have a great weekend

Ms L

A great start


We have had a wonderful three mornings in Discovery B. We are enjoying getting to know the personalities of these lovely young people as they open up to us and begin to feel confident in their new surroundings. The children have enjoyed exploring both inside and outside and engaging with the children and adults around them. Here are some PICTURES of the children settling into their new class.


Our first Unit of Inquiry is under the transdisciplinary theme, ‘Who We Are’ and includes exploring the ideas of growth and change. To help us get started with the unit, please email us:
  • a photo of your child as a baby
  • a family photo (including the family members who live in your house)



It’s early days but we love to have parent voices on our blog, so feel free to give us feedback and share your thoughts using the comment feature below throughout the year.
We start full days next week so please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep!
Have a great weekend,
Ms L