Classe 3 : les nombres

As we are reviewing the numbers, maybe you will be happy to practice with this song that we repeated at the beginning of the school year.


and this fun game : Listen and destroy the ufo!

So far in class we’ve learnt the number up to 60. Trying between 60 and 100 may be a bit too difficult, but you’re welcome to try and find out how you say the numbers between 60 and 100. It’s tricky!


Classe 2: les objets de la classe

Remember the vocabulary with this video we watched in class

eco francophonie-chien

You can also challenge yourself with these games. It will help you to memorize the vocabulary and practice the masculine and feminine wit the adjectives. Quite challenging! But you can learn from it.

les objets de la classe

You can add a comment if you have any question or if you want to share your feelings about the game. How easy is it?

Classe 1: Leo et Lea

After the Parent-teacher conferences, some parents asked how they could practice French at home.

I think a great way is to look at the videos and songs that we are watching with the children in class.

1- A video to say hello and what is your name :ecole francophonie

2- A video to practice numbers up to 20

3- Now we started to work on the book : Lili la petite grenouille.

  • -> Ask your child to describe the picture









We learnt 3 ways how to describe the picture :

1- use : Il y a … (there is)

2- Show something and ask the question :

-> Qu’est-ce que c’est? (What is it?)                 -> C’est …. (This is…)

Don’t forget the aticle : un/une

3- You can ask as well : Ou est…? (Where is    ?)

Ou est le robot? Ou est la fille? Ou est l’ordinateur? Ou est le tapis?

  • -> Sing the song


Classe 3: 2eme Semestre

For this second semester, we are welcoming new students, brand new to French.

To help them catch up, we are watching some videos. Have a look :

video 1:

ecole francophonie

-> Can you find three ways t say your name in French?

-> Can you find three ways to say Hi in French?


Video 2:

eco francophonie-chien

-> Can you remember what the boy had in his suitcase?

  • -> Write your answers in the comment below !