Unit 3 Action to Protect our Environment

We finished our Celebration Unit. Students had learned some Chinese legents, such as Legend of Monster Nian, Legend of Laba Porriage, Legend of Jiaozi, Legend of Yuanxiao. Students also enjoyed making and eating Chinese New Year food. Some photos showing students’ learning are stored in their Chinese notebook.

We have started our new unit of Action to Protect our Environment .                                    Central Idea: We can each make a difference to the world through community action.       Students are learning a comic story to inspire them to take a variety of daily actions that impact our own, home and community.                                                                                 At the end of the unit, students will be able to create a slogan to encourage people to take small actions and explain why and how. In addition to it, Novice 2 and 3 students will create a story to apply the language they learned.

Unit 3 : Grade 5 and their futur professions.

Bonjour la classe 5,

We are have almost reached the end of our unit ( describing our family). One of the last part was to discuss what professions our family does and what professions we would like to do when we are older. Students had the possibility to use the conditional tense in this unit and they shared in a short sentence what they would like to do in the futur and why. You can check their messages on this Flipgrid below.


Unit 3 : Describing my family with French Novice 3 ( Grade 5)


We have been working very hard the last month in our unit called ” Describing my family”.  Students learned new vocabulary and they focused on the writing part of the language.

Last week, students had to write a minimum of 150 words with a 45 minutes limited time and using no electronics translator and dictionary. They had to describe 5 members of their family in details ( physics and personality). The aim of this assessment was to prepare students for more challenging writing assignment than will take place in MYP next year and also to make them aware of how much they can actually write in french in a limited time.

They all did a fantastic job and I am very proud to share their work below. All students worked hard and were able to write so much about their members of their family. If you wish to read their work, just click on their image and download it on your device.

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What’s going on G5 French novice 2?


We have just finished our unit on time and transportation. We looked at the 24 hours clock and the 12 hours x 2 clock: It was challenging but fun!

Next unit, we are going to study animals, the way to describe them physically and with their behavior. And we have animal’s lover in the classroom so that should keep their interest high.


Sắp đến Tết rồi! – Tet is coming

Tết is coming!


Tết or VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR marks the biggest and most significant festival in Vietnamese culture. It is an occasion for the Vietnamese people to show their respect to their parents, ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with the entire family members. According to the Lunar Calendar, 2018 New Year’s Day falls on Friday, February 16th. This year is the year of the Dog.

At UNIS, the Elementary students will have Tết assemblies on Wednesday, February 14th in the theatre. The assemblies are hosted by the grade 1, 3 and 5 students attending Vietnamese classes.

There are 2 performances scheduled as bellows:

Performance 1 for Grade 2,3,4,5: From 8.25 – 9.05 am

Performance 2 for Grade 1,  ECC and parents: From 9.10am – 9.50 am

Parents are kindly invited to the second assembly to join us for this special event. All the students are encouraged to wear “Áo dài” on the day.


During this week, all students from ECC up to grade 5 in Vietnamese class have been so busy making Banh Chung – Vietnamese sticky rice for Tet.  It is a wonderful learning experience for our UNIS students to explore the tradition of the host country. Bánh chưng is a traditional Vietnamese sticky rice cake which is made from sticky rice, green beans, pork and dong leaves. Its origin came from the story of Lang Liêu, a prince of Hùng King, who became the next King because of his thoughtful creation of bánh chưng and bánh dày, which symbolized the Earth and the Sky. It is considered as an essential food that every Vietnamese family must have on their altar at Tet time. The making and eating of Bánh Chưng during this time is a well-preserved tradition of Vietnamese people.







Right after Tet, on February 26th, all the grade students from grade 1 -5  in Vietnamese and Chinese

classes are going to take part in calligraphy writing activity during their World Language Time.

It’s in front of the canteen and parents are all welcome to attend.

Unité 3 : Comment nous nous exprimons.

Bonjour !

It was great to see you today for our Parent-Teacher conferences and share learning strategies.

Our students are now getting to the core of what learning another language is. Under the transdisciplinary theme of How we express ourselves, and our central idea The complexity of language allows us to express our identities with a different perspective, students dig deeper into what they know about their language and how it looks like in another language.

Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to describe pets and animals, further inquiring about gender and number concepts in French;
  • Students will be able to talk about age;
  • Students will inquire about verbs and how they differ from one usage to another;
  • Students will nurture their curiosity and talk about one’s preferences.

Students can now talk about our pets or random animals and describe them thoroughly.

Students were able to update their introduction with such information as well as their age. Talking about age allows us to pay closer attention to verbs and their meaning in French and other languages.

Next week we will carry on with conceptual understanding inquiring about verbs and how they change form in relation with pronouns.

We will finish our unit sharing what our favourite stuff are.

Au revoir !

Thiên nhiên tươi đẹp

Đây là bài học thứ hai nằm trong chương trình tiếng Việt lớp 5. Trọng tâm của bài học là “Thiên nhiên đóng vai trò quan trọng trong cuộc sống của chúng ta”.

Trong bài học này các em cùng nhau khám phá về thiên nhiên, tìm hiểu thiên nhiên có những gì và nó quan trọng như thế nào trong cuộc sống. Từ đó các em sẽ ý thức được trách nhiệm của mỗi người chúng ta trong việc bảo vệ thiên nhiên.

Trong quá trình tìm hiểu về thiên nhiên, các em được hướng dẫn quan sát và ghi chép để viết văn tả cảnh. Tất cả các em được khuyến khích đọc nhiều hơn để có vốn từ phong phú nhằm giúp cho những bài văn miêu tả thêm sinh động.

Image result for trang an bai dinh


Healthy choice – Lựa chọn tốt cho sức khỏe

“Lựa chọn tốt cho sức khỏe – Healthy choices” is the second unit we are currently exploring in Vietnamese class. Students are inquiring about how “The choices people make affect their health and well-being”. This unit was aimed for the students to be able to name some healthy food and fruits they should eat and name different activities they should do for their well- being. Engaging in different fun activities in the Vietnamese class such as playing games, trying some fruits, doing role-plays, interviewing,…etc , the students can ask and answer questions referring to the unit. They also can give advice to people in order to be healthy. At the end of the unit, students will come up with an action plan to keep themselves healthy.


Here are some links that you can use to practise Vietnamese with your child.

Rau – Vegetable

Quả – Fruits

Hoạt động – Activities

Món ăn – food

Unit of Celebrations

We are beginning our new Unit of Celebrations. We will be able to understand

Celebrations and traditions are expression of shared beliefs and values.

Inquiry into:

– How people celebrate.

– What meanings traditions have to people.

– How values and beliefs are expressed through celebrations.

At the end of the Unit, students will be able to describe the traditions and legends for Chinese New Year, and able to transfer to other celebrations which connects to their identity.

For the detailed learning throughout the unit, please visit students school personal blog.

Completion of Unit of We are all Connected

We have wrapped up our Unit of We are all connected, by completing our summative assessment. We invited some Chinese native students and adults to talk to us to get to know the personal information, hobbies, pets, the weather of our countries and some cultures of our countries. We prepared dumplings for our lunch and report what we knew about the guests. Please see detail learning on students’ personal school blog.