Unit 4 : Daily Routine

Bonjour la class 5!

We have finished our unit on sharing the planet : The respect of our planet.

Students had the opportunity in this unit to make connection in French with their PYP exhibition. They were able to create a French slogan with their project and explore the SDG in french language. If you came to their exhibition, you must have seen the World language wall with the logo of the SDG explored in French , Mandarin and Vietnamese. Below is the picture of the SDG designed and written in French with their slogan from our class.


La classe 5 have now started a new unit called : Daily routine. Students will able able to write a text of minimum of 150 words and describe someone’s daily routine or their own routine at school. They will also be able to listen to a short video and read a short text, then answer questions of understanding. This unit is also a preparation and a transition to the next year language program of the MYP in Grade 6.


Today students worked in group and read a short text to each other. Students took notes from the read aloud. This activity was a great exercices to practice their listening, reading and writing skills in the topic of this new unit.


Unit 3 : Grade 5 and their futur professions.

Bonjour la classe 5,

We are have almost reached the end of our unit ( describing our family). One of the last part was to discuss what professions our family does and what professions we would like to do when we are older. Students had the possibility to use the conditional tense in this unit and they shared in a short sentence what they would like to do in the futur and why. You can check their messages on this Flipgrid below.


Unit 3 : Describing my family with French Novice 3 ( Grade 5)


We have been working very hard the last month in our unit called ” Describing my family”.  Students learned new vocabulary and they focused on the writing part of the language.

Last week, students had to write a minimum of 150 words with a 45 minutes limited time and using no electronics translator and dictionary. They had to describe 5 members of their family in details ( physics and personality). The aim of this assessment was to prepare students for more challenging writing assignment than will take place in MYP next year and also to make them aware of how much they can actually write in french in a limited time.

They all did a fantastic job and I am very proud to share their work below. All students worked hard and were able to write so much about their members of their family. If you wish to read their work, just click on their image and download it on your device.

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French Grade 5 , Unit 1:

Bonjour Grade 5,

We have learned a lot during the unit called” Language with the use of description and questions can support our responsibility to be caring”.

We have learned to name animals parts and use adjectives to describe them. They choose a domestic animal ( a cat or a dog) of their choice and they created a description and we applied what we have learned in class. We are sharing our description with a small video on ”Flipgrid” that we made in class. Here is the link to our work. Enjoy!

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Au revoir,

Unit 1 : Mon animal préféré

Bonjour Grade 5,

We have started a new unit and our central idea is Language with the use of description and questions can support our responsibility to be caring.

Our learning intentions for the unit are :

  • Student will be able to name animals parts and use adjectives to describe them.
  • Students will be able to use the verb ”to be” and ”to have” in French.
  • Students will be able to present to the class orally and with a visual their favorite animal.
  • Students will be able to build a dialogue with their classmate after the presentation and ask questions.
  • Students will be able to answer questions from their classmate about their presentations

This last couple of weeks, students have been learning and practicing the new vocabulary of the unit. They use Quizlet to get familiar with the spelling. They have also learn that the spelling adjectives can change with gender and numbers.

Students can practice at home the vocabulary if they wish with Quizlet. I have sent invitation to students to sign up so they can practice.


Au revoir,

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Back to School Night Presentation

Welcome to World Languages Blog

Dear Parents,
Welcome to our World Languages learning community! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our team and share about how to use this blog to enhance our partnership to support students’ learning.

In our team, we have 3 Vietnamese teachers, 3 French teachers, 1 Chinese Mandarin teacher and 1 Teaching Assistant. All languages teachers are native speakers. More information of individual teacher’s bio can be found in the tab of “About Us” on this blog.

During the first two weeks of school, all of our World Languages classes are focused on Learning to Learn. Students are getting to know their teachers and their new classmates. In order to achieve the school goal towards Excellent Learning, in our classes, we established the class essential agreements and commitments to the actions of being a responsible learner of their own and for others. In the meantime, some basic classroom language is introduced so that students will be able to follow the directions in the target languages in everyday situation.

On the World Languages Blog this year, you will find the curriculum information, language learning information from respective teacher, and it also provides you the opportunity to talk with the children about what we are learning, what we have learned, and what we will learn throughout the year.

We hope you will find this site a useful communication channel between our team and you as parents.