Unité 2 : Qui nous sommes.

Bonjour !

Our students are very excited because we are learning about food! Under the transdisciplinary theme of Who we are, and our central idea People can express preferences and make different choices, we have listed a fair amount of food we like. We always meet before lunch so talking made us all so hungry. So we created and prepared our own fruit salad before the holidays, and we came back for more last week with crepes! We made a blog post about our culinary experiences today.

Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to talk about food they like or don’t;
  • Students will be able to read a recipe and prepare food;
  • Students will be able to order food and drinks;
  • Students will be able to understand more about the concept of verb in French.

Students particularly enjoyed eating the food but they were so fast there are no pictures, sorry !

Au revoir !

Sắp đến Tết rồi! – Tet is coming

Tết is coming!


Tết or VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR marks the biggest and most significant festival in Vietnamese culture. It is an occasion for the Vietnamese people to show their respect to their parents, ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with the entire family members. According to the Lunar Calendar, 2018 New Year’s Day falls on Friday, February 16th. This year is the year of the Dog.

At UNIS, the Elementary students will have Tết assemblies on Wednesday, February 14th in the theatre. The assemblies are hosted by the grade 1, 3 and 5 students attending Vietnamese classes.

There are 2 performances scheduled as bellows:

Performance 1 for Grade 2,3,4,5: From 8.25 – 9.05 am

Performance 2 for Grade 1,  ECC and parents: From 9.10am – 9.50 am

Parents are kindly invited to the second assembly to join us for this special event. All the students are encouraged to wear “Áo dài” on the day.


During this week, all students from ECC up to grade 5 in Vietnamese class have been so busy making Banh Chung – Vietnamese sticky rice for Tet.  It is a wonderful learning experience for our UNIS students to explore the tradition of the host country. Bánh chưng is a traditional Vietnamese sticky rice cake which is made from sticky rice, green beans, pork and dong leaves. Its origin came from the story of Lang Liêu, a prince of Hùng King, who became the next King because of his thoughtful creation of bánh chưng and bánh dày, which symbolized the Earth and the Sky. It is considered as an essential food that every Vietnamese family must have on their altar at Tet time. The making and eating of Bánh Chưng during this time is a well-preserved tradition of Vietnamese people.







Right after Tet, on February 26th, all the grade students from grade 1 -5  in Vietnamese and Chinese

classes are going to take part in calligraphy writing activity during their World Language Time.

It’s in front of the canteen and parents are all welcome to attend.

What’s going on in G3 french Novice 3?


We are finishing our unit on body and people description. Next week, we will start a unit on food and cooking with ingredients and quantities.

As students loved singing the different songs (Alain le Lait: des os il en faut), I will present them one song from the movie “Peau d’Ane” and we will look at the recipe.

They will be able to introduce one recipe from their home country.

Trường học của em.

“Trường học của em – My school” is the unit that the grade 3 students are currently working on. In this unit, the students are learning to name all the classroom objects and to describe how it looks like. They have already had a tour around all different areas at UNIS to learn about the school setting. After that, the students can guide others to different classrooms and list all the subjects that they learn at school.

Em yêu quê em

“Em yêu quê em” là bài học thứ hai của lớp ba. Đây là một bài học nhằm giúp các em hình thành vốn hiểu biết về quê hương, đất nước. Các em bắt đầu cảm nhận được vẻ đẹp của các miền quê, từ đó thêm tự hào về đất nước Việt Nam. Các em cũng thể hiện được tình yêu tha thiết với quê hương thông qua các bài đọc, bài viết của mình. Bằng nhiều hoạt động khác nhau ở trên lớp, các em đã và đang được học về:

  • Vốn từ về quê hương, đất nước
  • Từ loại: Danh từ, tính từ, động từ
  • Dấu chấm, dấu phẩy
  • Phép so sánh
  • Kể lại một câu chuyện đã được nghe hoặc được đọc

Sau khi đọc xong bài thơ bài thơ “Vẽ quê em” ở trong sách giáo khoa lớp ba, các em đã tự viết  cải biên một bài thơ khác về quê hương của mình. Các em đã thể hiện được hiểu biết của mình về quê hương thông qua bài thơ này.

Các em được đi thăm quan phố cổ và khu vực quanh hồ Hoàn Kiếm như Tháp Rùa, đền Ngọc Sơn, cầu Thê Húc. Sau đó các em được đi ăn một số món ăn truyền thống của Việt Nam. Các em đã có một chuyến đi thú vị.

Unit of Celebrations

We are beginning our new Unit of Celebrations. We will be able to understand

Celebrations and traditions are expression of shared beliefs and values.

Inquiry into:

– How people celebrate.

– What meanings traditions have to people.

– How values and beliefs are expressed through celebrations.

At the end of the Unit, students will be able to describe the traditions and understand legends for Chinese New Year, and able to transfer to other celebrations which connects to their identity.

For the detailed learning throughout the unit, please visit students school personal blog.

Open Classroom on Thursday period 4


Thursday the 30th of November, you will be able to come and see how your child is learning french. We are currently working on the second part of our unit with Body Part and “avoir”.

Our content objective will be about Body parts and to have

our language objectives will be about listening and writing, reading and listing on the google drive the vocabulary


My room is located in the library (110)

Thank you and I hope to see you on Thursday!


Unité 1 : Les 5 sens.

Bonjour !

During our first unit, we’ve been learning a lot about accessories and we had a lot of fun expressing ourselves.

Now we are exploring our five sense identifying actions and things connected to our senses.

Please note that you are welcome to come to your child’s French class on Thursday 30th November for ES Open Classrooms, 10:55-11:35am, in B8-109 (library building).

Au revoir !

Unit 1: Bonjour !

Bonjour Grade 2 and 3 Novice 1,

We have started a new unit and our central idea is We can make connection with the things we do, say and see every day.

Our learning intentions for the unit are :

  • Student will be able to greet people in French.
  • Students will be able to count up to 20 in French.
  • Students will be able to introduce themselves in French. Saying their name and age.
  • Students will be able to ask questions to someone else about their name and age.
  • Students will be able to identify shapes and color in French.
  • Students will be able to talk about what people do.
  • Students will be able to describe a simple picture.

This last couple of weeks, students have been learning numbers and how to introduce themselves. They used this song to practice numbers and greetings.

Students also have been learning some French culture with picture. They have great inquirer during group activities.


Au revoir!