Unit 3 Who We Are

We finished our Celebration Unit. Students have been engaged in a variety of learning, such as retelling the legend of 12 Chinese Zodiac, paper cutting and reading.

We have started our new unit of Who We Are.                                                            Central Idea: Communication enables us to connect and understand more about ourselves and others.                                                                                                           We are learning about the our personal information of our own and our friends at UNIS.  At the end of the unit, Novice 1 students will be able to talk about themselves regarding name, nationality, age, colors and animals they like, as well as activities they like to do, school, grade and class they are in, subjects they like/dislike in comparison to their friends at UNIS. In addition to what Novice 1 can do, Novice 2 students will be able to create a digital book or in other format to compare themselves with their friends regarding birthday, feelings, family, where they live, arranging play date, use of but, because, etc.

Unit 3 Healthy Life Choices

We finished our Celebration Unit. Students have been engaged in a variety of learning, such as information gap about the 12 Chinese Zodiac, learning language through the traditional Chinese games, paper cutting and eating Chinese New Year food.

We have started our new unit of Healthy Life Choices.                                                            Central Idea: The choices people make affect their health and well-being.                        We are learning about making healthy choices regarding vegetables, fruit, drinks and exercises. We visited the school garden to recognize different vegetables, we will make fruit juice and other healthy food.                                                                                          At the end of the unit, students will be able to produce a poster or in other format with their goal for themselves regarding how can they be healthier.

Unité 2 : Comment nous nous exprimons.

Bonjour !

It was great to see you last week for our Parent-Teacher conferences and to share learning strategies.

Our students are now getting into more conceptual understanding. Under the transdisciplinary theme of How we express ourselves, and our central idea Language can be used to describe and see our environment differently, students dig deeper into the concept of gender. They learnt that objects have a gender too!

Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to describe class items using colours applying the concept of gender;
  • Students will be able to take various actions at school;
  • Students will be able to connect the days of the week with their own weekly routine;
  • Students will be able to express their preferences in terms of activities at school.

Students particularly enjoyed checking their understanding of colours with Super Mini !

Au revoir !

Sắp đến Tết rồi! – Tet is coming

Tết is coming!


Tết or VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR marks the biggest and most significant festival in Vietnamese culture. It is an occasion for the Vietnamese people to show their respect to their parents, ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with the entire family members. According to the Lunar Calendar, 2018 New Year’s Day falls on Friday, February 16th. This year is the year of the Dog.

At UNIS, the Elementary students will have Tết assemblies on Wednesday, February 14th in the theatre. The assemblies are hosted by the grade 1, 3 and 5 students attending Vietnamese classes.

There are 2 performances scheduled as bellows:

Performance 1 for Grade 2,3,4,5: From 8.25 – 9.05 am

Performance 2 for Grade 1,  ECC and parents: From 9.10am – 9.50 am

Parents are kindly invited to the second assembly to join us for this special event. All the students are encouraged to wear “Áo dài” on the day.


During this week, all students from ECC up to grade 5 in Vietnamese class have been so busy making Banh Chung – Vietnamese sticky rice for Tet.  It is a wonderful learning experience for our UNIS students to explore the tradition of the host country. Bánh chưng is a traditional Vietnamese sticky rice cake which is made from sticky rice, green beans, pork and dong leaves. Its origin came from the story of Lang Liêu, a prince of Hùng King, who became the next King because of his thoughtful creation of bánh chưng and bánh dày, which symbolized the Earth and the Sky. It is considered as an essential food that every Vietnamese family must have on their altar at Tet time. The making and eating of Bánh Chưng during this time is a well-preserved tradition of Vietnamese people.







Right after Tet, on February 26th, all the grade students from grade 1 -5  in Vietnamese and Chinese

classes are going to take part in calligraphy writing activity during their World Language Time.

It’s in front of the canteen and parents are all welcome to attend.

What’s going on with french novice 3 in G2?


We are in a middle of our second unit. We have looked at class objects and colors: it was a first step to understand how colors change with number and gender.

Next week, we are going to look at actions. Looking at their weekly schedule, students will tell what they like, or not, to do at school.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the conference.


Em yêu động vật.

“ Em yêu động vật” là bài học thứ hai nằm trong chương trình. Trong bài học này, các em có dịp kể cho nhau nghe về những con vật mà mình yêu thích. Thông qua những câu đố, các trò chơi và đặc biệt là những câu chuyện ngộ nghĩnh về loài vật, các em hiểu rõ hơn về những đặc điểm, môi trường sống và lợi ích của chúng.

Từ những kiến thức đó, các em vận dụng vào các bài viết để miêu tả về những con vật mà mình biết và yêu thích. Trong bài học này các em được học để phân biệt động từ, tính từ, danh từ và biết viết chữ in hoa khi viết danh từ riêng.

Chúng ta là ai – Who we are .

“Who we are” is the second unit we are currently exploring in Vietnamese class. Students are inquiring into “Communication enables us to connect and understand more about ourselves and others.” Through different activities in the class, they have learned how to use and respond to greetings appropriately. Students can also introduce themselves. They also learned how to ask and answer questions about themselves. At the end of the unit,  students will have to introduce one of their friends in Vietnamese.













Here are some links that help students to practice the language at home.

Màu sắc – Colour

Số – Number

Câu hỏi – Questions

Unit of Celebrations

We are beginning our new Unit of Celebrations. We will be able to understand

Celebrations and traditions are expression of shared beliefs and values.

Inquiry into:

– How people celebrate.

– What traditions people have to celebrate.

At the end of the Unit, students will be able to describe the traditions of the celebrations and understand legends for Chinese New Year, and able to transfer to other celebrations which connects to their identity.

For the detailed learning throughout the unit, please visit students school personal blog.

Open classroom on Friday period 1!


Friday the 1st of December, you will be able to come and see how your child is learning french. We are currently working on the second part of our unit with colors and shapes.

Our content objective will be about colors and shapes and

our language objectives will be about listening a video with shapes, listing orally the shapes from a drawing

, building sentences, choosing colors and describing their colors.

My room is located in the library (110)

Thank you and I hope to see you on Friday!


Unité 1 : Qu’est-ce qu’il fait ? Qu’est-ce qu’elle fait ?

Bonjour !

On Wednesday and today we completed our mid-unit assessment for our first unit. We checked our knowledge about actions, numbers up to 39 and basic questioning and answering before moving on the second part of the unit. We assessed ourselves with the 4 skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.  On Monday, we will assess our previous knowledge about colours. Remember, we learnt our colours back in Grade 1, and I am sure we still remember them quite well! We will watch a video to start brainstorming, then we will listen to a song to start inquiring about colours and gender in French.

Please note that you are welcome to come to your child’s French class on Friday December 1st for ES Open Classrooms, 8:25-9:05, in B8-109 (library building).

Au revoir !