Open classroom on Friday period 4!


Friday the 1st of December, you will be able to come and see how your child is learning french. We are currently working on colors.

Our content objective will be about colors and objects and

our language objectives will be about repeating, listening and connecting colors and objects they know.

My room is located in the library (110)

Thank you and I hope to see you on Friday!


G1 Unit 1 : l’Alphabet qu’est ce que c’est?


We have started our new unit: languages allow me to communicate with the world.

We will focus on being open minded and risk-taker.

Our success criteria:

  1. Alphabet : I can recognize the sound of letters in French;
  2. Common object: I can talk about common objects and people;
  3. Numbers: I can identify numbers from 0 to 16;
  4. Actions: I can label more actions.

Back to School Night Presentation

Bonjour Classe 1!

Bonjour !

My name is Ms. Claire and I am your child’s French teacher this academic year.

This is a Novice 1 class with children who had no or little exposure to French language and culture before. But our first graders are already very keen on singing and interacting in French!

During these first weeks, we are learning to learn, which means that we are building a strong set of skills that will help us communicate in basic situations in French only.

Our learning intentions are:

  • Students will be able to say their name.
  • Students will be able to say how they feel.
  • Students will be able to count from 1 to 6.
  • Students will be able to understand simple instructions.
  • Students will be able to collaboratively build our class essential agreements.
  • Students will be able to recognize some French cultural symbols.

Your child comes to French class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Once we start our first unit, we will use Lili, la petite grenouille textbook and notebooks (Cle International) throughout the year to support our progression.

Lili, la petite grenouille - Niveau 1 - Livre de l'élève

Welcome to World Languages Blog

Dear Parents,
Welcome to our World Languages learning community! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our team and share about how to use this blog to enhance our partnership to support students’ learning.

In our team, we have 3 Vietnamese teachers, 3 French teachers, 1 Chinese Mandarin teacher and 1 Teaching Assistant. All languages teachers are native speakers. More information of individual teacher’s bio can be found in the tab of “About Us” on this blog.

During the first two weeks of school, all of our World Languages classes are focused on Learning to Learn. Students are getting to know their teachers and their new classmates. In order to achieve the school goal towards Excellent Learning, in our classes, we established the class essential agreements and commitments to the actions of being a responsible learner of their own and for others. In the meantime, some basic classroom language is introduced so that students will be able to follow the directions in the target languages in everyday situation.

On the World Languages Blog this year, you will find the curriculum information, language learning information from respective teacher, and it also provides you the opportunity to talk with the children about what we are learning, what we have learned, and what we will learn throughout the year.

We hope you will find this site a useful communication channel between our team and you as parents.