Unit 4 : Daily Routine

Bonjour la class 5!

We have finished our unit on sharing the planet : The respect of our planet.

Students had the opportunity in this unit to make connection in French with their PYP exhibition. They were able to create a French slogan with their project and explore the SDG in french language. If you came to their exhibition, you must have seen the World language wall with the logo of the SDG explored in French , Mandarin and Vietnamese. Below is the picture of the SDG designed and written in French with their slogan from our class.


La classe 5 have now started a new unit called : Daily routine. Students will able able to write a text of minimum of 150 words and describe someone’s daily routine or their own routine at school. They will also be able to listen to a short video and read a short text, then answer questions of understanding. This unit is also a preparation and a transition to the next year language program of the MYP in Grade 6.


Today students worked in group and read a short text to each other. Students took notes from the read aloud. This activity was a great exercices to practice their listening, reading and writing skills in the topic of this new unit.


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