Unit 3 Who We Are

We finished our Celebration Unit. Students have been engaged in a variety of learning, such as retelling the legend of 12 Chinese Zodiac, paper cutting and reading.

We have started our new unit of Who We Are.                                                            Central Idea: Communication enables us to connect and understand more about ourselves and others.                                                                                                           We are learning about the our personal information of our own and our friends at UNIS.  At the end of the unit, Novice 1 students will be able to talk about themselves regarding name, nationality, age, colors and animals they like, as well as activities they like to do, school, grade and class they are in, subjects they like/dislike in comparison to their friends at UNIS. In addition to what Novice 1 can do, Novice 2 students will be able to create a digital book or in other format to compare themselves with their friends regarding birthday, feelings, family, where they live, arranging play date, use of but, because, etc.

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