Unit 3 Action to Protect our Environment

We finished our Celebration Unit. Students had learned some Chinese legents, such as Legend of Monster Nian, Legend of Laba Porriage, Legend of Jiaozi, Legend of Yuanxiao. Students also enjoyed making and eating Chinese New Year food. Some photos showing students’ learning are stored in their Chinese notebook.

We have started our new unit of Action to Protect our Environment .                                    Central Idea: We can each make a difference to the world through community action.       Students are learning a comic story to inspire them to take a variety of daily actions that impact our own, home and community.                                                                                 At the end of the unit, students will be able to create a slogan to encourage people to take small actions and explain why and how. In addition to it, Novice 2 and 3 students will create a story to apply the language they learned.

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