Unité 2 : Qui nous sommes.

Bonjour !

Our students are very excited because we are learning about food! Under the transdisciplinary theme of Who we are, and our central idea People can express preferences and make different choices, we have listed a fair amount of food we like. We always meet before lunch so talking made us all so hungry. So we created and prepared our own fruit salad before the holidays, and we came back for more last week with crepes! We made a blog post about our culinary experiences today.

Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to talk about food they like or don’t;
  • Students will be able to read a recipe and prepare food;
  • Students will be able to order food and drinks;
  • Students will be able to understand more about the concept of verb in French.

Students particularly enjoyed eating the food but they were so fast there are no pictures, sorry !

Au revoir !

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