Unit 3 : Describing my family with French Novice 3 ( Grade 5)


We have been working very hard the last month in our unit called ” Describing my family”.  Students learned new vocabulary and they focused on the writing part of the language.

Last week, students had to write a minimum of 150 words with a 45 minutes limited time and using no electronics translator and dictionary. They had to describe 5 members of their family in details ( physics and personality). The aim of this assessment was to prepare students for more challenging writing assignment than will take place in MYP next year and also to make them aware of how much they can actually write in french in a limited time.

They all did a fantastic job and I am very proud to share their work below. All students worked hard and were able to write so much about their members of their family. If you wish to read their work, just click on their image and download it on your device.

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