Unité 3 : Comment nous nous exprimons.

Bonjour !

It was great to see you today for our Parent-Teacher conferences and share learning strategies.

Our students are now getting to the core of what learning another language is. Under the transdisciplinary theme of How we express ourselves, and our central idea The complexity of language allows us to express our identities with a different perspective, students dig deeper into what they know about their language and how it looks like in another language.

Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to describe pets and animals, further inquiring about gender and number concepts in French;
  • Students will be able to talk about age;
  • Students will inquire about verbs and how they differ from one usage to another;
  • Students will nurture their curiosity and talk about one’s preferences.

Students can now talk about our pets or random animals and describe them thoroughly.

Students were able to update their introduction with such information as well as their age. Talking about age allows us to pay closer attention to verbs and their meaning in French and other languages.

Next week we will carry on with conceptual understanding inquiring about verbs and how they change form in relation with pronouns.

We will finish our unit sharing what our favourite stuff are.

Au revoir !

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