Unité 2 : je celèbre avec ma famille.

Bonjour !

This week we have started our unit 2 in Grade 1 under the year-long transdisciplinary theme of Who We Are, and our central idea is languages allow me to communicate with the world. This week we learnt about everyone’s family. It was great to observe similarities and differences between our families. Can you spot your name in the picture below?!

We also learnt 2 songs, a French nursery rhyme, and another one that didn’t seem that new!

Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to answer who and what questions;
  • Students will be able to talk about their close family;
  • Students will be able to identify Noel as an important French celebration;
  • Students will be able to label objects with colours.

We will focus on being risk-takers and open-minded learners, showing enthusiasm and curiosity.

Please note that you are welcome to come to your child’s French class on Friday December 1st for ES Open Classrooms, 10:55-11:35, in B8-109 (library building).

Au revoir !


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