Unité 1 : l’alphabet, ça va !

Bonjour !

This week we have started our unit 1 in Grade 1 under the year-long transdisciplinary theme of Who We Are, and our central idea is languages allow me to communicate with the world. This week we learnt about how the alphabet sound in French and what our name looks like in cursive writing. We also learnt the name of a few objects and persons, like in this video:


Our learning intentions for the unit are:

  • Students will be able to recognize the sound of letters in French;
  • Students will be able to talk about common objects and people;
  • Students will be able to identify numbers from 0 to 16;
  • Students will be able to label more actions.

We will focus on being risk-takers and open-minded learners, showing enthusiasm and curiosity.

Au revoir !

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