Grade 4 Vietnamese – Unit 4 Landscapes ( Thắng Cảnh)

IN the reecent unit called ” Thắng Cảnh- Landscapes”, students have learnt about hơ to describe some typical geographical features and the weather of a place that they visited. At the end of the unit, students work in pair to create their own roleplay. In this play, they showcased their skills in asking questions and their use of vocabulary in this unit. The good converstion in the roleplay requires 3 types of questions that students have learnt in this unit: yes-no question, Wh- questions, tag-question.
Pls enjoy some of the roleplay in the video below.IMG_1171 (1)

classe 4: unit 5 – work independantly

We start a new unit in grade 4, where we learn about numbers, body parts, description.

We will work a different way, students know the goals and will learn at their peace, choosing the activities they want to do according to their individual goals.

Here are he links for the online activities :

1- Songs about the body :

song : Des os, il en faut, Alain le Lait

song : Samba, Samba

1,2,3 Saaaaaamba!

2-Online games about numbers :   -> les chiffres

numbers after 20 – australien Website :

3- Online Game : the body

Games : lesson 30 :



classe 5 : Pratiquez a la maison avec des cartes Flash

I found this google apps to practice your French with Flashcards. the name is WORDS from MARCRO

the logo looks like this one :


I think you can download it from this address

Once you have download it, you can create your own deck and your own Flashcards, or you can practice with these two decks that we created Hannah, Dana and me. You can access them from the google drive.

One is about reflexive verbs on unit 6, the other one is about the vocabulary.

Have fun with your practice!