This Week in Grade 1B…

Student Led Conferences

Thank you parents and special guests who came to last week’s Student Led Conferences. The students did an amazing job of showing you their learning in math, language, blogs, play based learning and all of the specialist. We hope you enjoyed it as much as they did. You will be emailed a quick survey about our Play Based Learning program. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill it out and share your feedback.

PYPX ((Primary Years Program Exhibition)

This week has been a big week for our Grade 5 buddies. We started the week with two buddies coming and conducting our morning meeting. Il Woo and Boh Yun came and spoke about their SDG #16 and played three games with us: Trust your Group, Pingpong and Circle Partners. We loved starting our morning like this.

On Thursday, we went to the Center for the Arts for the Grade 5 Buddies PYPX (Primary Years Program Exhibition). The PYPX is a culmination of each student’s learning from Discovery through Grade 5 (that is 8 years of schooling in the PYP). Our students were so excited to learn more about all of the SDG’s and what their buddies have been working so hard on over the past few months. Well done to the Grade 5 students and teachers!!!

Cars for Play Based Learning

We are in need of some extra cars for our Play Based Learning space. If you would like to donate some cars, please send them in with your child. These cars will be a donation. Thank you in advance.

Book Week Events May 1-3

Wednesday May 2 Wear a Word Day: Students wear a word on their clothing. The word can be a word they identify with, have fun saying or simply enjoy.

Thursday May 3– Book Character Costume Dress Up Day-please send your child in a book character and please SEND THE BOOK to school too. We will be having a parade at some point that day.

Friday May 4- Pajama dress up day and bring your best buddy soft cuddly toy to school day. You will also need to send a change of clothes for the Poetry Cafe (a nice outfit for your child’s presentation).


  • Poetry Cafe-please send in a change of clothes for your child’s poetry presentation
  • No school on Monday and Tuesday


This Week in 1B…

This Week in 1B…


During our UOI time, we learned about significant people and how we can learn more about them in our library. Ms Conroy taught us about Biographies and Autobiographies. We  also learned how to find them in the library. We look forward to learning more about significant people in the weeks to come.

Mystery Reader

Our first Mystery Reader this week was Julia dad, Mr Todd. He read us a book of feelings titled In My Heart by Jo Witzek. We loved hearing and talking about how our hearts can feel so many different things. Thank you for bringing in the story and sharing it with us, Mr Todd.

Mystery Reader

We had another Mystery Reader this week. Alana’s mom, Ms Rozeth, came and read us a book in her mother tongue, Sinhalese. This is the native language in Sri Lanka. We learned that Ms Rozeth also speaks Tamil, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. The story was familiar with some of our friends because the book is over 70 years old and has been translated to many different language. Thank you for coming and sharing your wonderful story with us.

💯th  Day of School

What a fun filled 💯th  Day of School that we had in Grade 1B. We counted our special items with partners, made special 100 boards, counted to 100 in many different ways and ate 100 cupcakes. Thank you to the families that brought in the cupcakes. They were delicious.


UOI Fieldtrip

And today we saw a very significant person from Vietnam. Mr Ho Chi Minh. The children made some great connections with our new unit and understood that he was a man who helped the people of Vietnam to live a happier life and helped the country to become independent (make their own rules!) The children were awesome, they showed great respect and our Grade 5 buddies helped to keep everyone safe and organized.



TET Assembly Wednesday, February 14th 9:10am

See you back at school, Monday, February 26th. We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới



Grade 5 Buddy Class

This week we had our first meeting with our Grade 5 Buddies. Grade 5 classes will come down to our class bi-weekly. We will create experiences for all of the students to learn and grow from one another. The purpose of the UNIS Hanoi Buddy Program is:

  • To build and strengthen community by providing opportunities for cross-grade collaboration and learning for both students and staff members.
  • To provide opportunities for older students to develop leadership and mentorship experiences.
  • To provide role modes for younger students.
  • To give students the opportunity to build strong relationships throughout the year with their buddy classes.

When the Grade 5 students entered our classroom, we introduced each other, asked each other some questions about ourselves and we were paired up with a buddy. We made self portraits of each other and included things that we liked (our favorite color, number, where we are from etc). We can’t wait to meet with our buddies next time.